Mariée de Lumière et Diamants

Instant-Crush-06 Instant-Crush-19-re-edit mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-01-re-edit mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-03 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-05 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-10 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-11 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-12-fundo mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-13 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-14 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-15-crop mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-16 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-17 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-18 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-20 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-22 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-23 mariée-de-lumière-et-diamants-24

Editorial for the Revista Mariée

Model: Samara Faust

Beauty: Ju Friedrich

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a mournful regret for vanished illusions

Eyes that whistle the true waltz of the tars

Eyes that whistle the true waltz of the tars


Eyes like a supermassive black hole

fazendo-graça In-my-eyes,-a-waterfall,-all-I-can-hear,-a-siren-call

In my eyes, a waterfall… all I can hear, a siren call


it’s not these fading beauties, these damaged goods, born in a diseased worthless century that will satisfy a heart like mine


Je lui dédie ces fleurs maladives


My dreams, they come a kissin’ cause I can’t get sleep, no


But what can eternity of damnation matter to someone who has felt, if only for a second, the infinity of delight


Les fleurs nouvelles que je rêve

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She was the face of a Goddess

She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-01 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-02 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-03 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-04 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-05 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-06 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-07 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-08 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-09 She-was-the-face-of-a-Goddess-10

Models: Luana Araújo & Marília Januário

Beauty: William Cruz

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Bridal Editorial for Studio One Londrina

Studio-one-02 Studio-one-03 Studio-one-04 Studio-one-06 Studio-one-07 Studio-one-08 Studio-one-09 Studio-one-10 Studio-one-11 Studio-one-12 Studio-one-13 Studio-one-14 Studio-one-15-crop

Beauty and headdresses: Studio One Londrina

Wedding dresses: Velluc

Models: Natasha Boratin, Camila Rogel, Najara Ascêncio

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Duda Guagnini

Pretty young girl, following her dream of becoming a model :)

Duda-001 Duda-02 Duda-03 Duda-04 Duda-05 Duda-06 Duda-07 Duda-08 Duda-09 Duda-10 Duda-11

Model: Duda Guagnini
Beauty: Jonas Afons

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Riders a’Heart

Living-the-Life-02 Living-the-Life-03 Living-the-Life-04-crop Living-the-Life-05 Living-the-Life-06 Living-the-Life-12 Living-the-Life-13 Living-the-Life-14

Living-the-Life-07 Living-the-Life-08 Living-the-Life-09 Living-the-Life-11 Living-the-Life-15 Living-the-Life-16

Photography: Anna Theodora

Models: Bruno Delgado &  Laih Barrionuevo

Production & styling: Vera Gurgel

Make up: William Cruz

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Des Beautés Inconnues

des-beautés-inconnues-01 des-beautés-inconnues-02 des-beautés-inconnues-03 des-beautés-inconnues-04 des-beautés-inconnues-05 des-beautés-inconnues-06 des-beautés-inconnues-07 des-beautés-inconnues-08 des-beautés-inconnues-09 des-beautés-inconnues-11 des-beautés-inconnues-12

Model: Carol Marcussi
Beauty: William Cruz
Production: Vera Gurgel

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