Tomi Nakagawa Square in Londrina

A few days ago I decided to finally visit and take photos of the Tomi Nakagawa square in Londrina.


Alguns dias atrás eu decidi finalmente visitar e fotografar a praça Tomi Nakagawa em Londrina.

This square was made to commemorate the 100 years of japanese immigration in Brazil. The name Tomi Nakagawa was chosen to honour one of the immigrants whocame to Brazil on the first ship that arrived in São Paulo, in 1908.  She lived in Londrina until 2006, when she died shortly before completing 100 years of age.


O nome escolhido para a praça, Tomi Nakagawa, homenageia uma das imigrantes que chegaram ao Brasil no navio Kasato Maru, em 1908, integrando o primeiro grupo de japoneses que desembarcou no porto de Santos. Tomi Nakagawa residia em Londrina até outubro de 2006, quando faleceu poucos dias antes de completar 100 anos. (fonte: Portal Bonde)

Except for the last two splash shots where I increased the contrast, none of the photos were edited, they were only resized. The resizing does take a lot of the quality of the images away, please, do forgive me for that, but due to heavy stealing of photos, that is a must in this blog.


Exceto pelas duas últimas fotos (de splash) onde eu aumentei o contraste, nenhuma das fotos foi editada, apenas redimensionadas. Redimensionar tira muito da qualidade da imagem, por favor me desculpem por isso, mas devido ao intenso roubo de imagens, essa é uma necessidade.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at a little piece of my city 🙂


Espero que tenham gostado de dar uma olhada em um pedacinho da minha cidade 🙂

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13 Responses to Tomi Nakagawa Square in Londrina

  1. Jarren says:

    That is a wonderful way to honor the Japanese who have immigrated to your country. They could have built a statue but instead a nice park that looks great! Nice photos Anna My fav. is the 4th from the last and the lights.

  2. Gui says:

    Olá Babs..

    Ficaram muito boas as fotos!! Meus parabéns….

    A praça tb muito bonita..

    Bjo!! T adoro muito!


  3. dewey says:

    Anna, you should be very proud of your work, and of your city! It looks and sounds like a perfect place to live….

  4. gedal says:

    Great square – certaily has that Japanese feel.. bold, minimalistic .. zen I guess. Beautiful series of photographs! Thanks for sharing!
    Now I feel like I’ve been there – next best thing to being there:)

  5. Beautiful shots !!!
    thank you so much for sharing..

  6. gedalb says:

    Great square – certaily has that Japanese feel.. bold, minimalistic .. zen I guess. Beautiful series of photographs! Thanks for sharing!
    Now I feel like I’ve been there – next best thing to being there:)…

  7. giamplume says:

    all my compliments, my friend

  8. Hi! AnnA, very beautiful place, and magnific shots!
    Thank you very much for sharing

  9. Vladimir Argueta says:

    Beautiful images. I’ve always wanted to go to brasil. And the shot of the street lamps are my favorite. The way they are aranged, it’s artistically abstract.

  10. John says:

    I love all the little red tiles, it is a good contrast to the concrete.

    I hope you managed to have all the thoughts you wanted/needed during your little walk :o)

    Good luck for the future.

  11. Doug Bauman says:

    Your shots give a really surrealistic feel to this square – bring it alive!

  12. Lestat says:

    I wish i could be there splashing the water xD hahaha Really nice place to be, to relax, to stop thinking and start living.

    Have a nice life my dear.

  13. Doug Bauman says:

    I especially like:

    Those sets of lanterns.

    Oh, and I just saw that bird, nice.

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