Scarlet Macaw – Arara Vermelha

A month ago, I got my new lens and I was eager to make photos with it. I happened accross this beautiful Scarlet Macaw, and couldn’t avoid being attracted to it.


Tem um mês que comprei minha lente nova, e estava doida para fazer fotos com ela. Eu passei por essa Arara Vermelha e tive que tirar umas fotos.

It was at a pet store (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I had some strong feelings against it. I was wondering if they had authorization to have the bird there. They might, because they receive school kids at the place, to see the macaw.


A arara estava em uma loja de animais (!!!!!!!!!!!) e eu não estava gostando nem um pouco disso. Estava me perguntando se eles têm autorização do Ibama para ter a ave lá. Devem ter, porque sempre recebem crianças no lugar, para ver a arara.

I have slightly mixed feelings about it. I obviously love to see animals, and don’t have money (in this fase of my life now) to travel to wherever in the world they inhabit, but I hate it in my guts to see caged animals. I’m more inclined to think: “Oh, don’t have money? Well, that’s just too bad, work hard and go see them in their habitats, don’t go caging them!!”


Eu tenho sentimentos conflitantes quanto a isso. Eu, obviamente, adoro ver animais, e nessa fase da minha vida não tenho dinheiro para viajar onde quer que seja o habitat deles nesse mundo, mas eu odeio ver animais enjaulados. Portanto, sinto-me mais propensa a pensar: “Ah, não tem dinheiro? Uma pena, trabalhe duro e vá vê-los em seus habitats, não os aprisione!!”

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7 Responses to Scarlet Macaw – Arara Vermelha

  1. Gorgeous photos… nice work. Maxine

  2. Thalita says:

    Que lindasss!!! Amei!

  3. You can’t even tell you are in a pet store such great focus on the subject. He/She was a great model that day and perhaps a little shy in the second pic my favorite

  4. David Jones says:

    Beautiful photos of this colorful parot! Great job.

  5. Ramon says:

    Is a very beautiful bird!
    and very beautiful captures!

  6. my cousin runs a local pet store and i love looking at those cute puppies that he keeps on the store-;’

  7. Water Filter says:

    the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them `;~

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