Rollei 6006 – First photos

Some time ago, I mentioned on flickr that I had received a little monster on the mail. It was a super amazing (and heavy) camera!! The Rollei 6006!!! I was so happy and excited! It took me a couple of days to learn how it worked, but so far I have only shot two rolls of film (with 12 poses in each).

I must say I am  not entirely happy with the results. It seems I wasn’t thinking “black and white” in the back flip jump shot for example, where you can hardly see the kid doing his thing.  Also, I had to choose which poses to scan, because it’s ridiculously expensive to scan medium format film. A whole 35mm film, with 36 poses is cheaper to scan than 3 poses of medium format.

Nonetheless, this is a sweet piece of camera, and just by looking through its viewfiender, the world seems more beautiful already. It really does.

The first four photos were taken at the Museum, the same day I was doing the Psicodélika photoshoot.  I used an expired film, but I really like the atmosphere in the photos.

Algum tempo atrás, eu comentei no flickr que eu tinha recebido um monstro pelo correio. Era uma maravilhosa (e pesada) máquina fotográfica!! A Rollei 6006!!! Demorei uns dois dias para aprender como funcionava, mas até agora só tirei dois rolos de 12 poses cada.

Eu não fiquei super feliz com os resultados. Parece que eu não estava pensando “preto e branco” na foto do guri fazendo um salto de back flip. E também tive que escolher quais poses escanear, porque é ridiculamente caro escanear filme de médio formato. Um rolo inteiro de 35mm é mais barato que 3 poses de médio formato.

No entanto, a máquina é um pedaço de jóia e só de olhar pelo visor o mundo já parece mais bonito. Pior que parece mesmo!

As quatro fotos acima foram tiradas no museu, no dia que eu fiz o ensaio da Psicodélika. Eu usei um filme vencido, mas realmente gostei da atmosfera nas fotos.

For last, a photo that I really liked. That’s my  mother. I was hiding behind a tree waiting for her. I had actually taken three photos of her, and this was the last, but the only one that showed up in the film. I think it’s because it was in the begining of the roll, so the first two actully didn’t “go”. And I love the fact that she’s almost out of the frame. It sends a different mood and message that it would if it were a normally composed photo.


E por último, uma foto que eu gostei bastante. É da minha mãe. Eu estava me escondendo atrás de uma árvore, esperando por ela. Eu tinha na verdade, tirado três fotos dela, e essa foi a última, mas foi a única que apareceu no filme. Eu acho que foi porque o filme estava no começo, então as duas primeiras na verdade não “veleram”. E eu gosto da foto com ela quase fora do enquadramento. Manda uma mensagem e tem um conceito diferente do que seria se fosse uma foto comumente enquadrada.

And that’s it for now. I just must think very well before taking photos with black and white film again 😛

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7 Responses to Rollei 6006 – First photos

  1. Very cool and nice photos!

  2. Ken Timbers says:

    Good to see you’ve got it working, though I’m a bit puzzled by the odd artefacts in the first three photographs – the numbers in circles – were these deliberate or are they aspects of using an old film?
    If I might venture a suggestion, you might find it interesting to shoot portraits using the full frame for each ‘head’. Those would show you the camera’s and lenses’ capabilities far better than the action shots and you could build your experience that way.
    As for scanning, do you not have access to an A4 scanner? If you can get to one of those, they should provide adequate scans for computer display purposes, if not for professional sales.
    Keep up the good work, AnnA – you have the talent to do really well!

    • Ken, I think it’s because of the film being old that those numbers in circles appeared. And they appeared in the photos of only one of the rolls.

      And yep, I was thinking exactly the same, doing some closer portraits, I think the camera would bring more into the images! 😉

  3. Doug Bauman says:

    It’s been a really long time since I shot with film. I don’t think I’d even know how or do a good job at all.
    I do like that last photo.
    I suspect it isn’t worth it now that we have digital.

  4. well, Rolleiflex as many others square format cameras has a “special charm”.. sadly, economical reasons pushed the film producers to abandon these Professional formats as well as those that used to be “popular” as the old (almost) square Polaroid instant film.
    Of course the search for those films has become a treasure hunt itself.. so maybe often it’s the “process stress” of all the things you have to do to take a pic that keeps us – in this damn fast world – from having what I call a ZEN photography method 🙂

  5. Patrick Emerson says:

    Wonderful compositions throughout Anna! Putting the figure in the corner with sharp detail draws the eye around the image… Glad to hear you have a new monster to tame!

  6. gedalb says:

    great atmosphere in these shots! glad to hear you’re enjoying medium format fim Anna!

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