A couple of months ago I took a few self-portraits using props from an antique’s store, called “O Relicário”. I was (and still am) soooo in love with their objects! So beautiful and glamourous!


Alguns meses atrás eu fiz alguns auto-retratos usando objetos da um antiquario chamado “O Relicário”. Eu fiquei apaixonaaaada pelas peças deles! Tão lindos e glamurosos!

I just looove the vintage feel, of times past by… the feeling of a better era.  It’s just the feeling, obviously.

I might do some more vintage inspired photos, but I have different ideas this time 🙂


Eu adoooro a atmosfera vintage, de tempos passados… o sentimento de uma época melhor. É só um sentimento, claro.

É provável que eu faça mais fotos inspiradas em tempos antigos, mas eu tenho idéias diferentes desta vez 🙂

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8 Responses to Antique

  1. Larry Brwetveld says:

    You totally take photography to a level of Beauty and Artistry but always elegant and tasteful, you are such an artist, best to you and Thanks for your kindness..

  2. Rui says:

    Que ensaio maravilhoso Annita! Sua personagem é digna de causar irrefreáveis e torrentosas paixões. As imagens possuem toda a força dos grandes romances do século XIX.

  3. Jarren says:

    what a nice theme so brilliantly executed 3 photos showcase your feet 🙂 lol I think they are perfect.Thanks to the antique store owner for being so kind to allow you to take these photos. Love the new picture is that an antique baby bed? looks cool also the circular blur around the pic is a nice touch. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Thanks everyone!! 😉

    Jarren >> yes, it is an antique baby bed 🙂

    and I’m still shaking off the flu outta my body, but I’m much better already 🙂 thanks for asking! 😉

  5. José Ramón says:

    I totaly love these shots!
    shows true beauty!

  6. Doug Bauman says:

    wow, now these vintage style shots are inspiring!

  7. Doug Bauman says:

    that sweeping circular effect on that one shot is amazing, I have got to learn that.

  8. Phil Splawn says:


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