An Afternoon Dream

This is just a quick post to show a few photos from this photoshoot with Patrícia Estima. There are a lot of them, I’ll slowly post them either here on the blog or flickr 🙂


Esse é só um post rapidinho para mostrar algumas das fotos que tirei da Patrícia Estima nesse ensaio. São várias fotos, que eu vou colocando aos poucos aqui no blog ou no flickr 🙂

Some of my friends have been going crazy about the girls I’ve been shooting.  Yes, I’ve been fortunate with my models. Specially when it comes to character, in my opinion.

But some others have been bitter about it all. To the point of saying that I am not a good photographer, but it’s all in the locations and models I’ve been shooting. That it’s all too easy for me, because of the places I go and the people I shoot. They think there is no merit in my creative process and composition. But let me tell you, this park where I shoot Patrícia is FUGLY!! It is in seriously bad shape there. And I told Patrícia: “Look, the place is ugly, but trust me, the photos will look good” 🙂

There IS a lot of forethought put in the photos I take. Not many “photographers” here in my city can say they do that.


Alguns dos meus amigos têm ficado doidos com as meninas que eu tenho fotografado. Realmente eu tenho sido afortunada, principalmente no que se refere ao caráter delas, na minha opinião 🙂

Mas alguns outros têm sido rancorosos com isso tudo. Ao ponto de dizerem que não sou uma boa fotógrafa, que as fotos ficam bonitas porque eu vou a lugares bonitos e porque minhas modelos são bonitas.  Acham que não há mérito meu no processo criativo e de composição.  Mas vou falar, esse parque onde eu fotografei a Patrícia é FEIO! Está acabado, tudo bem feio.  E eu falei para a Patrícia: “Olha, o lugar é feio, mas confie em mim, as fotos vão ficar bonitas!” 🙂

Eu planejo antecipadamente minhas fotos, o que muitos fotógrafos por aqui não fazem.

Keep an eye for more photos to come! 😉

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5 Responses to An Afternoon Dream

  1. That would drive me crazy. Photography has practically nothing to do with the models/space you shoot in but rather how you use them. Obviously beauty in both of them helps but it is not a crutch. I have seen it. You can have beautiful women/men shooting with you and horrible photographs.

  2. Philippe says:

    Love the serial Anna… The one on the top is delicious. Patricia is a great expressive model… on week-end ! Bisous

  3. some of your “friends” are quite cynical. The 2nd and last photo’s are my favorites. Great work as usual Anna.

  4. Ramón says:

    These shots are incredible!
    Very beautiful composition!

  5. Ken Timbers says:

    I think they’re great shots, AnnA – keep up the good work and don’t listen to the critics!

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