Little Kitty in danger

The other day, I was looking for locations for a photoshoot, when I saw two dogs barking at a tree. It was obvious what was going on: there was a cat on the tree. I got close, xoo’ed the dogs and I was about to get the kitty down when I thought it would look great for a photo ­čśë


Outro dia eu estava procurando uns lugares para fazer fotos, quando eu vi dois cachorros latindo para uma ├írvore. Era ├│bvio o que estava acontecendo: tinha um gato na ├írvore. Eu me aproximei, espantei os cachorros e estava para tirar o gatinho da ├írvore, quando eu pensei que ficaria legal fazer umas fotos do gatinho l├í. ­čśë

Poor scared thing, would have to put up with a few more minutes up in the tree…


Coitado do bichinho, teria que ficar alguns minutos a mais na ├írvore…

Theeen it probably got scared with me or something, because it started to climb higher in the tree!! I was yelling in my head: “NOOOOO!!!!! GAAAAHH!!!! Darn it! @#$%& little thing”


Da├ş o bichinho deve ter se assustado comigo, porque come├žou a subir ao topo da ├írvore!! Eu comecei a gritar na minha cabe├ža: “N├â├â├â├â├âOOOO!!! GAAAAHHH!!! Bicho besta! M*rda!”

The fun was over, I put the camera down and climbed the tree to get the kitty down. Then I put it inside a house, where I saw four other cats, which I assumed were part of the pack.


Acabou a brincadeira, eu coloquei a m├íquina na bolsinha e subi na ├írvore para pegar o gatinho. Da├ş eu o coloquei dentro de uma casa, onde eu vi outros quatro gatos, que eu imagino fossem parte do grupo.


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32 Responses to Little Kitty in danger

  1. These amazing shots made me smile!

    They are very beautiful!

  2. LOL, the english part has been cleaned with censorship ­čśë
    Beautiful little kitty, thanks!

  3. Those are the cutest! In the second-from-last, the kitty looks like a koala. You’re my hero for today, Annuska!

  4. Larry Bretveld says:

    Some delightful warm photos, however the best was omitted, a shot of Anna climbing the tree.. you are an amazing young lady.. my son in law has two sisters, one is quite attractive and loves dressing up riding show horses, the other is a tree climbing tomboy who works as an undercover narcotics agent who now has two children, guess who was by far the best looking in a black dress as a bridesmaid in our daughter’s wedding..

  5. Ken Timbers says:

    Great photo-shoot, AnnA – but next time take someone with you to capture you climbing the tree! ­čÖé

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  7. Jarren Williams says:

    The last two shots are so unbelievably cute!

  8. The first shot is amazing to me! The eyes are captivating! Great job! Great post! Congratulations on being freshly pressed!!

  9. Rui says:

    Que imagens encantadoras Annita!!

  10. How adorable is this little kitty…awww and those photos are beautiful:) Have a great day
    Hope to see you soon:)

  11. Du says:

    KKKKKKK … deveria ter chamado o bombeiro pra salvar o gatinho

  12. Ah, love it! And it made me smile as well.

  13. Phil Splawn says:

    Então, muito bonito o jeito que você capturou o bebê em perigo e um final feliz, bem que foste o seu salvador!

    Abra├žos a voc├¬ para o resgate e beijos para o beb├¬!
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  14. LestatVII says:

    Wow!!! More photos of the cute little one!!! I’m so glad you saved him, he seemed to be so scared. And yes, for them it’s so easy to climb but not to go down on a tree. Once more… i love your work my friend.

  15. enjoibeing says:

    nice pictures! someone better get the fireman to pull that cat out the tree haha

  16. SURYA says:

    Vow amazing stills..i like ur pictures they are damn good especially ur caption is fabulous

  17. hasayang says:

    So, so adorable. The kitten looks like a siamese. Good work!

  18. toobahatif says:

    OMG.. its cute and interesting ­čÖé

  19. portableking says:

    cute and interesting.

  20. Sarah says:

    love the kitty! and really beautiful shots! haha who say you can’t have a little fun before helping the poor thing down the tree! ­čśÇ

  21. great shots….. the perfect shot sometimes can be from just a come-by-accident waiting to be captured and shared

  22. Keith says:

    The knowledge of the happy ending takes away most of the anxiety one might feel from looking at this series of pictures. Where were all the ‘gentlemen’ then….?

  23. Aww poor little kitty! You got great shots though, very lucky you happened upon him… greatest shots are sometimes from real life…

  24. Very interesting images ÔŁĄ

  25. Generation 26 says:

    Aaahw tis such a cute kitty ­čÖé
    I wonder how it got up there.
    Great shots

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  27. Cats are very cool animals in the world!

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