Last self-portraits of the year

All these photos were taken the same day, some time ago in the begining of December. If I have time I might take some more self-portraits this year still, but these are the last to be shared in 2010 🙂

As I mentioned before, I had seen this field the day before I shot it and I just had to go back there the next day to take some photos.  There are yellow cosmos flowers everywhere in my city, but not in a huge field like that.


Todos esses auto-retratos foram tirados no mesmo dia, algum tempo atrás no começo de Dezembro. Se eu tiver tempo, talvez eu faça mais auto-retratos esse ano, mas esses são os últimos a serem compartilhados em 2010 🙂

Como eu havia mencionado antes, eu vi esse campo um dia antes de tirar as fotos e eu simplesmente tinha que voltar lá no dia seguinte para tirar algumas fotos. Tem cosmos amarelos por todo lado em minha cidade, mas não num campo enorme como esse.

(summer whispers)

(Summer Hellos)

(But it all changed when she let it go)

Then, since I was in the mood for some photos, I went to another place nearby to take some more self-portraits. An abandoned house by a busy road. As you can see, the only change on the wardrobe was the skirt 😛

These photos bellow have a little bit of influence from Francesca Woodman’s work. Quite moody.


E já que eu estava afim de fazer fotos, eu fui a outro lugar ali perto para fazer mais auto-retratos. Uma casa abandonada perto de uma rua movimentada. Como podem notar, a única mudança na roupa foi a saia 😛

As fotos abaixo tem alguma influência do trabalho de Francesca Woodman.

(she never left)

(the abandoned sweet heart from the small home town – flipped image)

(all your little ghosts)


Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂


Feliz Ano Novo, pessoal! 🙂

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18 Responses to Last self-portraits of the year

  1. javier elizondo says:

    beautiful images……happy new year to you too anna

  2. TC says:

    beautiful shots of a beautiful soul
    felicidade para o anno novo

  3. Philippe says:

    Happy new year for you my dear Anna ! You know how I love your work, since this famous day I received a print. Still here, still making me dreaming with your artwork. Best wishes for all ! Love !

  4. lars says:

    very nice pics,

    i like, to look on your ” female emotion”

  5. Ken Timbers says:

    A lovely selection, AnnA – and I especially like the portrait photo at the end of this group.
    Happy New Year to you too – may it bring you all the success and happiness you deserve!

  6. Mukil Varnam says:

    Lovely Pictures. I loved the BWs. Nice Work. Great Processing. You understand the light very well. I wish you very Happy New Year. Shot Many and Treat Us with your shots.

  7. Doug Bauman says:

    I like all the shots.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Doug Bauman says:

    Feliz Ano Novo, AnnA

  9. José Ramón says:

    These are some very beautiful shots!
    You look very gorgeous!

    AnnA, have a very beautiful and awesome and very Feliz Ano Novo!!!!!!


  10. keith says:

    Keep shooting that field whilst it’s still there….and including yourself also.

  11. I love seeing new self portraits two of these are new to me, so great! you look soooo beautiful the last one is a fave.

  12. Good read. I wish I could make myself write such good posts onto my own blog. It is hard.

  13. Anna Theodora says:

    Thanks Everyone! I hope you had a great time on new year’s eve! 🙂 Mine was pretty good, but a bit hazy in the head 😛

    Keith >> they have cut the flowers down already, there’s a law in my city stating that the owners of land must keep them clean. That is for flowers as well. Unwanted animals might strive there… I was lucky, they cut it 3 days after I took the photos…

    Jarren >> I am at the beach right now, waiting for the boys to wake up so we can go out to have lunch… but I got a few nice self-portraits this morning. while everyone was sleeping I was out at the beach 🙂

  14. Etnevel.Sadud says:

    Hi AnnA

    excellent photos, especially the last one.
    (Is the last one available in color?)

    Happy New Year! CU.

  15. Sebastian says:

    Fantastic pics.. and the last one, absolutely gorgeous!

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