Londrina at Night

Sometime ago, I went out with my friend Eduardo Marafon, to take some photos of Londrina at night. Here I share a few I liked the most from that night 🙂


Há algum tempo atrás, eu saí com meu amigo Eduardo Marafon para fazer algumas fotos de Londrina à noite. Aqui estão algumas que gostei mais 🙂

As you can see, my city is not exactly small. 500,000 inhabitants. Because I take many photos on the surrounding rural area, many people think Londrina is just one big farmland. As you can see, that’s not the case 🙂


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8 Responses to Londrina at Night

  1. Adam says:

    Beautiful night shots, lots of color and depth

  2. Mike Adams says:

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    • Ramón says:

      beautiful photos

  3. Ramón says:

    I’m amazed with these Night Shots!
    they are Awesome!
    I hope that some day I go at there to visit!
    I give you on these awesome shots of your city Londrina a grade 10 or A+


  4. Doug Bauman says:

    Indeed Londrina is very big. It looks even bigger than Pittsburgh, the city where I live — and I live in the suburbs like you. I like the photos you’ve shown here – it is nice to have a view of this city to get perspective and to realize the extent of your city and the world.

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