My Attempts at Birding

Like I mentioned before, I had my friend’s 70-200mm for a while. And with this lens, I set out to try and shoot birds. Bellow are the results of half an hour walking around these two little guys, whose name I don’t even know. If anyone is interested in helping me with the name, I would appreciate 🙂

The photos bellow are just ok. What I really wanted was to shoot them in mid air, but I found out it is quite difficult! I still have lots of practicing to do 😛


Como eu havia mencionado antes, eu estava com a lente 70-200mm do meu amigo por algum tempo. Então com essa lente eu saí por aí para tentar fazer umas fotos de pássaros. Abaixo estão os resultados de meia hora andando em volta desses pássaros, que nem sei o nome. Se alguém souber e puder me ajudar eu agradeço 🙂

As fotos abaixo são apenas ok. O que eu realmente queria era fotográfa-los voando, mas é beeem difícil conseguir isso! Eu ainda tenho que praticar muito.

And these last two cuties are burrowing owls! 🙂


E essas duas lindinhas são corujas buraqueiras! 🙂

p.s. a fellow photographer just told me which bird it is, it’s a Jacana jacana.


p.s. Um outro fotógrafo acabou de me indicar o nome, é um Jaçanã >>

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12 Responses to My Attempts at Birding

  1. Doug Bauman says:

    Wattled Jacana
    That’s a really cool looking bird – and great photos.
    Also, I like the owl. I’m green with envy for these magnificent birds.
    Keep going with your birding!

  2. José Ramón says:

    Very beautiful birds even if I don’t know their kind.

    Good job AnnA!

  3. Doug says:

    I see it has been named, but I was going to tell you a Wattled Jacana.
    Keep practising for the in flight shots, because once they work out, it becomes apassion. Actually so do all other birds.
    Who knew I would get so into it from my other forms of photogrpahy.
    Ask for any help, any time.

  4. Sam says:

    Holy shot! That’s some first attempt. Your photos are terrific! I’d say the third and fourth jacana photos will get interest. I had a publishing house contact me via Flickr to use my woodmouse shot, and we worked out a little deal. I would advise you to upload at least one of these to Flickr so that they can be found by a search.

    Terrific work!

  5. caLIN says:

    splendid nature, surrounds you! fortunate one! 🙂

  6. Sajan164 says:

    lovely photos here anna

  7. ruitsuto says:

    Excelentes fotos de natureza. Belo lugar!

  8. Sprache says:

    Exceptionally well executed piece

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