Leandro’s Farewell Lunch – Almoço de Despedida do Leandro

Saturday the 29th, Leandro Unonios invited some of his friends to comemorate his birthday (24th) and to say goodbye to him. He received a very interesting proposal to work in São Paulo. He’s my veteran at the university. He graduated in 2005 and I graduated  in 2006. After he finished the Administration course, he started to take courses in the area of gastronomy. He’s a chef and has been everywhere in the world since.


Sábado dia 29, o Leandro convidou alguns de seus amigos para comemorar seu aniversário e para se despedir dele. Ele recebeu uma proposta interessante para trabalhar em São Paulo. Ele foi meu veterano na universidade, se formou em 2005 e eu em 2006. Depois que ele se formou em Administração, ele começou a fazer cursos na área de gastronomia. Ele é chef e tem estado por todo lado no mundo desde então.


This salad was so beautiful and delicious it was all over before the pasta 🙂


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14 Responses to Leandro’s Farewell Lunch – Almoço de Despedida do Leandro

  1. Leandro says:

    Thanks Anna. Such a beautiful gift from you. The photos are really nice, interesting how you can isolate some parts and put it all together again and tell a story!

  2. Rui says:

    Macarronada com salada e regada a vinho!!! Delícia!!!

  3. Kirk says:

    Food! Need meat.

  4. Ramón says:

    I like the first shot a bunch! first, because is a very beautiful composition with the wine, and the tomatoes bring me remembrances of how I lost bunches of lard eating tons of tomatoes.

    Cool Shots!

  5. Guilherme says:

    Hey Babs!!

    Ficaram muito legais as fotos!! Pena que não pude ir…umas comideiras massaa!! Gosto bastante de tomatinhos azedos…rsrs…

    Bjo babs

    Really nice Shots!

  6. tathy says:

    nossa que fotos lindas!!! adorei as cores ❤
    e a comida então?? deveria estar maravilhosa =)

  7. Karlo says:

    First thought: Wow, this Leandro chap must have entered the university if he was 16 when he graduated. Oh, you mean that his bd was on January 24th.. 🙂

    Very nice pictures, of course – superb material for a cookbook…

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