Of Moon River and Women on Trees

I had had this idea for a self-portrait for a long time now and Friday 18th I was finally able to make it happen. When I thought about it, I didn’t have Audrey Hepburn nor Breakfast at Tiffany’s in mind at all, but after I started to go through the photos in my computer, the music and the image got stuck in my mind and can only go with it now.

Also, just recently I started to formulate why do I have this fascination for people (women mostly) on trees. I think it has something to do with Peter Pan and Neverland. It was my absolute favorite on my childhood years. I’ll keep the reasonings for myself, there are many issues.


Eu estava com essa idéia para um auto-retrato fazia teeempo já, e nessa última sexta-feira, dia 18 finalmente consegui fazer. Eu não tinha Audrey Hepburn nem “Bonequinha de Luxo” em mente, mas depois que comecei a ver as fotos no computador, a música e a cena ficaram na minha cabeça e agora tenho que me ater a isso.

E também, recentemente resolvi descobrir o porque de eu ter essa fascinação por pessoas (mulheres especialmente) em árvores. Eu acho que tem alguma coisa a ver com Peter Pan e a Terra do Nunca. Era meu favorito quando eu era criança.

I took these photos by the Lake Igapó, and it is a quite public place, there were many people fishing by the other side of the lake, on the far left and those didn’t bother me, but people passing by were quite annoying. I understand the curiosity: “Seemingly crazy chick all dressed in white, running to and fro a camera, jumping on tree branches like a freaking monkey and then striking a pose”… but stand in front me with crossed arms is a bit much. So I’d cross my arms and stare back and wouldn’t carry on until they left. If only it had happened one or two times only. But no, I was disturbed on my photo making a handful of times.

I was not super please with the first set of photos, and was begining to regret going there all alone, with that many people around when this photo happened, and all was worth it! I LOVE this next photo! It’s everything I had wanted for this self-portrait! ;D


Eu fiz essas fotos no Lago Igapó, e é um lugar bem público. Haviam várias pessoas pescando do outro lado do lago, ao longe do lado esquerdo and eles não me incomodavam, apesar de não tirarem o olho… as pessoas passando que estavam me enchendo o saco. Eu entendo a curiosidade: “Garota aparentemente louca, toda vestida de branco, correndo pra lá e pra cá, pulando em galhos como um macaco e então fazendo pose”… mas ficar parado na minha frente com os braços cruzados é demais! Então eu cruzava os braços e encarava de volta e não me mexia até eles irem embora. Se ao menos tivesse acontecido poucas vezes, mas não, aconteceram várias vezes.

Eu não estava super feliz com as primeiras fotos que tirei, e estava começando a me arrepender de ter ido lá sozinha, com aquilo tudo de gente em volta quando essa foto aconteceu e tudo valeu a pena! Eu AMO essa próxima foto! É tudo o que eu queria para esse auto-retrato.

I would have liked to explore more photos with this composição and idea, but there came a very VERY drunk man, coming by the bank towards me and giving me all kinds of nasty looks, that I decided to call it a day.


Eu gostaria de ter tirado mais fotos com essa composição e idéia, mas às margens do lago estava vindo um homem muito MUITO bêbado, vindo em minha direção e me lançando olhares nojentos, que me fez decidir terminar a sessão.


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16 Responses to Of Moon River and Women on Trees

  1. John says:

    Glad you escaped the drunk guy!
    Really nice pic, glad you had the stamina to deal with the onlookers/crowd

  2. Rui says:

    Você está adorável nesta imagem!
    Talento, coragem e determinação é que não lhe faltam. Além da beleza.

  3. Preston says:

    I love these, Anna! Sorry the bastard came by and cut short your outing ;-/

    I’m glad you’re not too shy to take your portraits – it took me quite a while to work up to it!

  4. Mira says:

    wow! I really like it as well! the last two shots are great! so you set the camera on self-timer? you don’t use the remote? that’s quite a lot of work but the shots are amazing!


  5. Sajan164 says:

    lovely shot anna, moon is always associated with dream

  6. Thank you, Preston, Mira, Sajan!

    Mira: yep, self-timer. For the last two photos I had to practice how I’d do first. I calculated exectly 3 large steps. The tree is on a valley kind of place, so I was able to walk on the thick branches. For the last two photos, in theT last step I had to jump to sit on the branch and pose with the ukulele.

    Not an easy self-portrait, not easy at all…

  7. Doug Bauman says:

    I can imagine the looks people gave you. That’s why I pick places with no people to do this kind of self portrait.

    That last photo is amazing, I like the look of your profile.

  8. José Ramón says:

    Which song were you playing and singing?
    Campanita, these are some very lovely and very beautiful portraits!

  9. Bob says:

    Eita babs, eu falo pra vc tomar cuidado!

    Mas ficaram lindas as fotos, parabéns!

  10. Noe says:

    It did have a Audrey kind of vibe, but not so much Breakfast as. Funny Face!

  11. caLIN says:

    Você pode tocar o ukulele ? 🙂
    você sabe quem você me lembra?
    deus Pã. revisto… 🙂

  12. Calin >> Nope, I don’t know how to play string instruments… actually, I only learned how to play the piano…

  13. Nithin says:

    glad you atleast got these images. In india, you will not able to get them. everyone will stop and sit . 🙂

  14. Josh says:

    Very impressive! You got great results under pressure and under the watchful eye of an unpredictable drunk man, you would find working for Vogue easy then by sound of it? lol

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