The Eucaliptus Forest

Oh, not really a forest, more like a eucaliptus garden that served as a lovely background for these photos. It was on the other side of the fence, at this mansion’s neighboring back yard.


Ah, não uma floresta, mas mais como um jardim de eucalipto que serviu de fundo para essas fotos. Esse jardim era do outro lado da cerca, no quintal do vizinho dessa mansão.

So, for this photoshoot we had the lovely Rossana Niero and Rafaella de Paula, Carol Minuzzi was also there, but she really wasn’t into it. I’m really glad Ross and Rafa were there, otherwise we would’ve taken a forever life time to finish this photoshoot. Which wasn’t ideal for me in many ways. The client upset me in more ways than fingers and toes can count. To put it lightly.

Nonetheless, we did have fun during the photoshoot. Rafaella is a great professional and understands the need of high spirits during a job, she’s always making jokes… everyone praises her for her great mood and ability to come up with poses and expressions. And Rossana too, was a darling and a great help.


Esse ensaio, apesar de algumas coisinhas, foi divertido. Rafaella é uma ótima profissional e entende a necessidade de manter o bom humor durante um job, ela estava sempre contando piadinhas, fazendo graça… todos a elogiam muito pelo seu bom humor e habilidade de inventar poses e expressões. E Rossana também, que é uma fofa e não sei o que eu faria sem ela lá. A Rafa não teria dado conta sozinha, a Ross mandou muito bem no ensaio e foi de ajuda inestimável.

(Rafa being funny and surprising Ross with a … surprise make out session)

One of my issues with this photoshoot was that I was given only 2 days to edit a real lot of photos. I ended up only retouching the skin a bit, increasing contrast, saturation and sharpness. I didn’t have time to do any other special treatment, like I would have liked to.


Um dos problemas desse ensaio foi que eu tive apenas dois dias para editar muita muita foto. Eu acabei que dei apenas uma retocada na pele, aumentei contraste, saturação e nitidez. Eu não tive tempo de fazer nenhum tratamento especial, como eu gostaria de ter feito.


Model: Rossana Niero, Rafaella de Paula, Carol Minuzzi

Make up artist: Lilian Morita

Client: Psicodélika

Photography & edition: Anna Theodora

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17 Responses to The Eucaliptus Forest

  1. Ken Timbers says:

    Oh wow, AnnA!! What a gorgeous set of photographs – they’re all lovely and you can be proud of what you’ve achieved here! I envy you the opportunity to work with such lovely models – they’re stunning. But no matter how good the models, it takes a professional approach to get this sort of quality – well done!

  2. Keith says:

    Great handling of the triple demands of this shoot…picky client, 2/3models and location. At least the models were performing well and Rafaella has absolutely classic look. Great series.

  3. David J Jones says:

    I can’t say enogh good things about this whole series of photo. The photos are excellent. The models are incredibly beautiful and well made up. The dresses are absolutely fabulous and totally enhancing to the feminine form. The lighting is perfect.


  4. Patrick Emerson says:

    Totally professional AnnA…. That red dress is especially gorgeous. The variety of poses and expression is wonderful. Keep up the excellent work, my favorite photographer!

  5. Sajan164 says:

    hv seen them all, elegant poses anna

  6. Nawfal says:

    Hi Anna:
    The shots came out really well. The amount of editing you had time for, seems to be just the right amount. Well Done!

  7. Rui says:

    Uma imagem mais maravilhosa que outra, difícil escolher uma, parabéns Annita!!

  8. Ramón says:

    These are excellent shots!
    very beautiful!
    and very lovely!

    Thank you AnnA very much!



  9. Reader says:

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    • WordPress had marked this as spam, but I decided to approve this comment.

      I always wonder if some people really do write such comments on blogs, were they don’t quite belong. Yep, my title is a bit misleading, but I don’t think there’s a star rating for my posts…

      oh well…

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  11. Uma das tuas modelos:

    Me recordo, quando a mesma desfilou aqui em Toledo, para a revista Maximu’s Noivas.

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