Oriental Beauty, the cute Japanese Girl: Lílian Morita

Hello everyone! Today we have here on the blog the cute and lovely Lílian Morita again. This photoshoot I am about to share with you made me both quite satisfied and quite frustrated. I am happy with the resulting photos of the “Polka Dot Minnie” project, but the others… I feel they look more of the same of what I have done and of what others have done. Lílian sure looks awesome and lovely as always, and the photos are nice, but I don’t feel a “Boom” factor in them, not even a “Oh!”. I, like so many people feel from time to time, am feeling a bit frustrated with my photography lately. I don’t feel I am where I want to be with it. Oh well, bellow, the photos.


Olá a todos! Hoje nós temos aqui no blog a linda e fofa Lílian Morita novamente. Esse ensaio que estou prestes a compartilhar me fez ao mesmo tempo satisfeita e frustrada. Eu fiquei muito feliz com o resultado das fotos do projeto “Polka Dot Minnie”, mas as outras fotos… eu sinto que são mais do mesmo do que eu já fiz e do que outros já fizeram. Lílian está linda e maravilhosa como sempre, e as fotos estão legais, mas eu não sinto que tenham um fator “Boom”, e nem um “Oh!”. Enfim, abaixo, as fotos.

Now, have you just for a moment roamed your eyes around this living room? Did you notice the AMAZING furniture they have there? I’m just really in love with the furniture! SO beautiful – and so heavy! 😛 In this picture above I had to move the table a little bit. I could hardly get it done.


Agora, será que vocês passearam seus olhos por essa sala? Vocês notaram os belíssimos móveis eles tinham lá? Eu me apaixonei pelos móveis! Tão lindos – e tão pesados! 😛 Nessa foto acima eu tive que empurrar a mesinha um pouco. Quase não consegui!

And so that’s it. Thanks for passing by! 😉

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30 Responses to Oriental Beauty, the cute Japanese Girl: Lílian Morita

  1. Philippe says:

    First, we still enjoy your fabulous lights. Second, Lilian is a rare beauty. Third, from one to the other pic, she sometimes seems not to be so present, but at work. Playing the game professionally, but not in such a moody way. Anyway, I love this work, colors and scenery… Congrats dear Anna ! xxx

  2. Patrick Emerson says:

    What perfect teeth. She has a great face with a figure that looks great in the dresses. Great work, AnnA!

  3. Keith says:

    As long as the clients get the ‘boom’ that’s the most important thing. Your feelings of disatisfaction are not bad as they will encourage greater efforts of creativity and stop you from becoming stale.

  4. Sam says:

    Gorgeous model and gorgeous work! You know how to set a scene. Heavy rian here and intermittent sunshine makes these warm bright images more than worth casually looking at. Excellent work, my friend!

  5. Nithin says:

    love the polka shots! always like your blown out background pics 🙂

  6. Ken Timbers says:

    Hi AnnA,
    I think every photographer has days when things don’t seem to look right, or the Muse goes on strike. The client or the public who look at the work seldom seem to notice, though – they don’t have to live with the work all the time, so they’re less tuned to the problem!
    It doesn’t seem to me that there’s any falling off in the quality of your shots, but then I’m just another viewer!
    As long as you can go on finding such inventive locations and such gorgeous models to put in them, your work will continue to please both your clients and your fans – and especially the fans of your self-portraits! 🙂
    Ken xox

  7. Angelita Niedziejko says:

    Oi Anna…esta lindo este ensaio!!! Eu achei OH!! Luz perfeita! Lindas cores, bela modelo! Você é que esta ficando bastante exigente…..isso é um bom sinal, sinal de que esta em constante aperfeiçoamento….Parabéns!

  8. Tikvah Chiwawa says:

    Hi – any more with the yellow dress??

    Of course in the house the setting/staging was not under your control, I did pues have a comment; but not written here.

    Have a good week!

    • John, the yellow dress was actually the last one, and we were completely out of time. So I took just a few in the same pose, this is the only one I found was nice to share 🙂

      I check my e-mail later on 🙂

      and you too, have a good week 😉

  9. Jerome says:

    Wonderful set, Lilian is an excellent subject….I really like the balcony shot.

  10. Mark Emery says:

    Hi Anna,
    I think every photographer goes through what you’re going through. History has shown that many great artists, before the invention of photography, did too, with paintings done over old canvases. I’ve seen very good photographers on Flickr purge their photostream and start again. It’s in the nature of what we do. The saying “Familiarity breeds contempt” might apply here, as the creator of the images you know all the details of what went to set them up, issues you had before the shoot arranging everything, how many images you took in each set and rejected in order to show us the few you consider worthy. We just see the end results. As Ken said above, as long as your clients like it don’t stress. Ken also said “Live with the work”, advise my photographer father gives. Print the images out and put them on your walls. Live with them for a number of days, some may grow on you, others you initially liked may fall out of favour.
    I love you work so chin up, keep clicking.
    Mark x

  11. Ramón says:



  12. She has an amazing almond-shaped face, and I like the pictures where you highlighted this the best (that is, the second, the second from the bottom, and the one where she lies on the couch). If you’re frustrated with your attempts, maybe you’re putting too much pressure on yourself by capturing both her beauty and the beauty of the surroundings? There is no question she would look amazing in front of a simple concrete wall, and if you want to push yourself to getting in a new direction, focusing on a single element of your photography and discarding all the rest might help you. In this case, maybe find a simple space, some natural light, simple clothing and focus on her face instead of”arranging” her in an elaborate environment.

  13. Mira says:

    great light and amazing photos! you did a wonderful job of capturing her beauty!

  14. Peter says:

    Yes, Lílian is really-really beautiful girl! She has very cute face, and I love her beautiful hair (You know me, Anna! 🙂 )!
    And the furniture is…. Amazing!!! Like a kind of “exotic-renaissance style” (view from Central-Europe). 🙂
    I also very like the photos of the empty room (without Lílian, I mean)!! Very nice pictures!!!
    You’re very clever!! 😉

  15. Thanks for the excellent post.. Best Regards.

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  17. Lilian Morita says:

    Anna,você sabe que admiro muito seu trabalho, e que amo demais trabalhar com você mesmo você me fazendo voltar pra casa suja de barro entre outros,rs.Agradeço por essas fotos,amei,apesar do pouco tempo que tivemos para faze-las.Você sempre consegue o melhor!Cada dia que passa fica ainda melhor!!!PARABÉNSSS!!!!!!(…)

  18. guareeGog says:

    Hello, the posting is really invaluable to me. I ‘ll continue to keep an eye on your website. Please do update.

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