Gorgeous Ladies in Glamour Dresses, Summer 2011

So, these are the last photos from that photoshoot for Psicodélikas 2011 Summer Collection. Since I’ve commented quite a few times about this photoshoot before, I’ll just let you enjoy the photos now 😉


Então, essas são últimas fotos do ensaio da Psicodélika para a coleção de verão de 2011. Como eu já comentei algumas vezes sobre esse ensaio, eu vou apenas deixá-los admirando as fotos por agora 😉

Models: Rafaella de Paula, Rossana Niero & Carolina Minuzzi

Make up: Lílian Morita

Client: Psicodélika

Photography: Anna Theodora

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15 Responses to Gorgeous Ladies in Glamour Dresses, Summer 2011

  1. Ken Timbers says:

    Hi AnnA,
    What a glorious set of super photos – all caught with style and elegance. You obviously get on with your models – it shows!
    Keep up the good work – the portfolio is growing all the time!
    Ken xox

  2. Keith says:

    What a series…great photography under far from ideal lighting conditions. And the models do a good job of modeling clothes rather than themselves. Some great locations too.

  3. Sam says:

    Fantastic set! I like the contrast between the models, and you know how to work with their qualities.

  4. Mira says:

    love them! the second from the bottom is my favorite. Love the colors, composition and the motion!

  5. Thank you Sam, Mira! ;-)))

  6. Addia says:

    Hi AnnA,What a glorious set of super photos – all caught with style and elegance. You obviously get on with your models – it shows!Keep up the good work – the portfolio is growing all the time!Ken xox

  7. Myron Woline says:

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  11. Nona Sturges says:

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  12. Rossana says:

    I love your job!!!!! You are perfect!!!!!

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