The Gorgeous Abandoned Church on the Countryside

A few months ago, on February most precisely, two beautiful friends and I set out very early one morning to find this beautiful abandoned country church. It was built in the 40’s and as many rural churches of old, it was abandoned after people migrated to urban areas. This one at least wasn’t destroyed, and the farm’s owner left it right in the middle of his plantation.


Alguns meses atrás, em Fevereiro mais precisamente, duas amigas lindas e eu saímos beeem cedo uma manhã para encontrarmos essa linda igreja rural, abandonada no meio de uma plantação. Ela foi construída nos anos 40 e assim como muitas igrejas rurais antigas, foi abandonada depois que as pessoas migraram para áreas urbanas. Essa pelo menos não foi demolida, o dono da fazenda a deixou em pé, no meio de sua plantação.

Oh, this was one of the very first photos. It was still very dark out, the only light was the one coming from the moon itself.


Ah, essa foi uma das primeiras fotos. Ainda estava bem escuro, a única luz era a que vinha da própria lua.

But in no time, the first beautiful colors of the breezy morning were painting the sky. And just as swiftly, it was gone.


Mas logo as primeiras cores da manhã já estavam pintando o céu. E tão rápido quanto vieram, desapareceram.

It was then, time for other kind of photos 😉

And then, after three hours taking photos, it was time to go back home.


E então, depois de três horas fotografando, já estavamos prontas para voltar para casa.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, and wish you all a fantastic week! 🙂

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16 Responses to The Gorgeous Abandoned Church on the Countryside

  1. Philippe says:

    Que de beaux cadeaux ! Merci !

  2. Lovely work by lovely girls. Congratulations!

  3. Cedrus Fox-Dobbs says:

    Photos 04 thru 06 are truly incredible!
    Thank you for sharing your trip.

  4. Ken Timbers says:

    Hi AnnA,
    As always, a lovely set of photographs – thanks for sharing. It was interesting to see how the ‘abandoned’ church fitted into the landscape when you photographed it from the side – it certainly looks ‘lost’! I’m glad the farmer hasn’t knocked it down, though – it’s an attractive feature of his land.
    Ken xox

  5. Doug Bauman says:

    ah, so your recent self portraits are at the church. I like all the photos, but the ones where you seem to be floating are really neat!

  6. Keith says:

    The views of the church and tree are both eerie and unforgettable images, whatever the time of day….like a deserted galleon drifting forever on a green sea. Your interior selfs are to your usual high standard and all faves.

  7. Tom says:

    The solitary ruin is so beautifully captured
    and put to use so wonderfully by you in all of these,
    grazie bella!

  8. Calin says:

    wow.. spectaculos! i like how you-re experimenting with colors, or absence of the colors. the foto are so cinematographic, noire, adventure, and romance… this location has great artistic potential 🙂 , and you-ve managed to find the art view of this place.

  9. naporso[k]apo says:

    I come with you to take photo now ;)…..but I think is litlle bit far from Italy 😦

  10. Pete Jordan says:

    A great blog Anna. You have some wonderful locations it seems! As always, awesome photos! 🙂

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