A regional darling and sweet heart – Larissa Zanon

Back on March, when the days were still long and warm, I had the greatest pleasure and privilege to photograph one of the most beautiful and sweet ladies from my home town, Londrina. It took place at another abandoned mansion and I had my brother and Larissa’s sister helping around. It was loads of fun and the photos turned out beautiful! 🙂


Lá nos idos de Março, quando os dias ainda eram longos e quentes, eu tive o grande prazer e privilégio de fotografar uma das mulheres mais bonitas e queridas da minha cidade, Londrina. O ensaio foi feito em outra mansão abandonada e eu tive meu irmão e a irmã da Larissa ajudando nesse dia. Foi um ensaio super divertido e as fotos ficaram lindas! 🙂

It’s not exactly hard to believe, but most “abandoned” mansions in my city are “empty” due to family disputes. But they make for awesome locations for photoshoots! 😀

Some of you already know it, but this black and white photo bellow is just a funny outtake 🙂 We were joking about something and I took the photo 😉

Alguns de vocês já sabem, mas essa foto abaixo é só para descontrair 🙂 Nós estavamos fazendo piadinha sobre alguma coisa e eu tirei a foto 😉

And in this other photo, don’t you think she looks amazingly like Sandra Bullock? Yep, a lot I would say 🙂


E nessa outra foto, não acham que ela se parece muito com a Sandra Bullock? Sim, bastante eu diria 🙂

Larissa was wearing M. Fleury and Mônica Negreiros. And I would like to thank “O Relicário” for letting us use their vintage white chair! 🙂 And thank you too Stefanie Zanon and Gustavo Berlim for the help! 😉

Kisses for all and thanks for passing by!


Larissa usou M. Fleury e Mônica Negreiros. E eu também gostaria de agradecer ao “O Relicário” por nos terem deixado usar a cadeira branca vintage! 🙂 E também obrigada à Stefanie Zanon e Gustavo Berlim pela super ajuda! 😉

Beijos a todos e obrigada pela visita!

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24 Responses to A regional darling and sweet heart – Larissa Zanon

  1. Tom says:

    a beautiful series with Sandra Bullocks`s twin:)

  2. Sam says:

    She’s one of those girls whose smile should never be hidden. I like the way you experimented with the lighting throughout. The photos were you captured the colour of her eyes are most striking and emphasise her beauty. Lovely work, Anna!

  3. Paul Kelly says:

    Amazing images Anna .Larissa is a beautiful woman.You seem to put the women you are working with quite at ease.They become very emotive and I always love the feel of your work.

  4. Ken Timbers says:

    Hi AnnA,
    A stunning portfolio of pictures of this lovely model – lots of variety in your shooting and clearly an excellent rapport with the beautiful Larissa, which makes such a difference in ‘feeling’ of the photography. Well done, AnnA!
    Ken xox

  5. Lindo trabalho, belas fotos. Parabéns!!!

  6. keith says:

    Greatseries and envy your abandoned mansions and the clothes available to the models. Looking forwards to more of the same.

    • There are quite a few girls lining up for photoshoots, I’m looking forward for those as well 🙂
      But it all seems too far away, can’t wait to get things done 😛

      Wait! What are you talking about? You have gorgeous models with great clothing as well! You’re just teasing me! 😛

  7. Keith says:

    Oh no, not teasing at all…….your models are at least 10cm taller, wear designer clothes and shoes and are semi pro, whereas I have to train mine first, see if they have any decent clothes of their own (or use out-of-date studio stuff), their heels are never high enough, so I’m looking around second hand shops desperately hoping the women serving there don’t think I’m weird. Finally, can’t photograph in the best parts of the university for any decent location pro shots, ‘cos they stop you….and then there’s our weather……so NOW, don’t you feel sorry for me….?

  8. Keith says:

    …and no makeup artist or hair stylist (apart from me with the studio curlers)…OK apology accepted and I’ll stop complaining now ‘cos at least I have a model….:)

  9. jan de kok says:

    Great pictures and indeed a beautiful woman! I agree with Tom (May 24) 😀
    You’re doing a great job with photography Anna!

    I will recommend to visit my son’s website: http://www.ivodekok.com
    He’s doing fashion mostly.

    divertir-se muito!

  10. Adiel says:

    Essa menina é sem duvida o orgulho londrinense

  11. Nicole says:

    Oh my gosh! you are incredible! and such beautiful models and scenery! You make the photos look like priceless artwork (you should be up there with the old masters!) Bravo!

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