Morning of Sparkling Breezes

I took these photos of my super cute niece Helena Vitória on November 2010. In these internet times, it seems like a lifetime ago. I had meant to share these photos months ago, but there was always something I wanted to share first and to make up for that, I force you to endure a whole lot of very similar photos of the cutest little girl ever! ;D


Eu fiz essas fotos da minha sobrinha linda, Helena Vitória, em Novembro de 2010. Nessa era da internet, parece que a eternidade do mundo já se passou. Eu queria ter postado essa foto meses atrás, mas sempre tinha alguma outra foto que eu queria colocar antes, então para compensar, vou forçar vocês a aturarem um monte de fotos muito parecidas da coisinha mais fofa ever! ;D

You can’t blame me for loving every single cute expression of hers! So adorable! I just feel like squeezing her! ^.^

Winter is well wrapped up around us at the moment and these photos remind me of longer and warmer days, that I so long for!


Vocês não podem me culpar por adorar cada expressão fofíssima dela! Tão adorável! Dá vontade de apertar muito! ^.^

O inverno está bem embrulhado em torno de nós no momento e essa foto me faz lembrar de dias mais longos e mais quentes, que eu tanto quero de volta!

You might remember from this post that Helena doesn’t like having her photoshoots interrupted. While we were taking these photos, a couple walking by started yelling: “Oh my GOD! Look at that little giiiiirl, she’s so cuuuute with her little dress and shining hair!! AAwwwnnn…. Awwwnnnn”… what the sequency to see her reaction! 😉


Vocês devem se lembrar desse post que a Helena não gosta que perturbem seus ensaios. Enquanto nós estávamos fazendo essas fotos, passou um casal e começaram a gritar: “Ai meu DEUS! Olha aquela menininha, que coisa mais fofaaaaa com o vestidinho e o cabelo brilhando!! Aaawwwnnnn… Aaawwwnnnn!”… vejam na sequência a reação dela! 😉

Adorbs overload alert! Can’t-stare-my-head-will-explode!! ;D And this cute little pie is only 3 years old! 😉

Muchas smoochies for all! Enjoy the impending weekend! 😉

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10 Responses to Morning of Sparkling Breezes

  1. Keith says:

    You persuaded quite a lot of good pictures out of her, despite the interruption. Her little halo looks so sweet and the tongue out one is the best for me. Glad you showed them….:)

  2. Peter says:

    Hehe, she is very-very cute! 🙂
    Hmm… happy, carefree childhood… 😉

    Very nice photos Anna!!

  3. james says:

    Hey Anna,

    I love your style of photography – how do you post process, they all look so nostalgic and film like. I try to go this way sometimes but seem to end up very saturated again when I play too much!

    Thank you for sharing

  4. oh is she not a charmer! so cute!! bless her 🙂
    i specially like the second photo from top.

  5. Thank you, James and Pagli! 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    She really will appreciate these when she grows up. But the amazing thing is the way she changes from a frozen icon in the first image to suddenly sprining to life. It’s almost like being there. Her character is captured forever, or until the internet breaks…whichever happens first.

  7. Remy says:

    I adore these pictures. What a lovely cousin you have. Very foto genic. The one on your Flickr page is definetely the best shot.

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