Self-portraits and flowers and beautiful hazy days

This post begins with yet another little thing that you fancy: self-portraits! And goes on with a little of what *I* fancy: flowers! 😉

Ah yes, and hazy, fading images, with that vintage romance feel! 😉


Esse post começa com um pouquinho do que vocês gostam: auto-retratos! E continua com um pouquinho do que *eu* gosto: Flores! 😉

Ah sim, e imagens em tons pastéis como que desbotadas com o tempo e com uma atmosfera romântica! 😉

I love flowers… whenever I have my own house I have many many vases full of them, by the windows… in all colors and shapes and scents and it’s going to be so lovely!! I can barely stand just the thought of it! ;D

Have an absurdly awesome friday, everyone! 😉

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20 Responses to Self-portraits and flowers and beautiful hazy days

  1. Philippe says:

    Your last selfs are just terrific ! I love the look you have on yourself ! Great art dear… Bravo !

  2. Levente Dudas says:

    you’re beautiful. divine!

  3. Peter says:

    Nice photos! You’re a really, really beautiful Girl!!!!! 🙂
    I love the 2nd and the 4th picture! You’ve so sweet face, and beautiful long hair!!!! And those magic eyes….?!!!!! 😉

  4. Kacpru says:

    Great photos Anna. Flowers in Your hair was great idea. Such nice colors ! 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    You certainly did manage to capture a vintage feel. Very interesting effect, and very glamourous too.

  6. Ken Timbers says:

    Yours is a magical beauty, AnnA – the differences between the portraits almost make me think you can’t be the same girl in each of them, but the eyes are a constant: wide, candid, beautiful, soul-searching, exquisiitely female. And that glorious hair – so feminine, so lovely!
    Ken xox

    • Ken, I often wonder how I look quite different from one photo to another. Last week I did some more self-portraits and some of them from a vew low point – which I usually shoot my models, but hadn’t shot myself – and I was astonished! I kept thinking: “wow, this is how my face looks like from bellow?! That’s how my nephews see me?” lol…

  7. Tom says:

    so much beauty here,
    i can hardly stand it!
    grazie bella:)

  8. Sebastian says:

    Wonderful, wonderful photos. You’re a magician when it comes to light 🙂

  9. Keith says:

    You’re right about the different face angles. It’s amazing how viewing the same face from a different view changes it completely. In fact full face view is often the worst, which may explain why some people hate their mirror view faces, whereas a good portrait photographer is exploring other angles and revealing the opposite. But then the complaint is ‘your pictures are good but we don’t look like this in reality’……!?! btw, the nephews are probably more likely checking out auntie’s legs than how good her face looks from below….sigh, such is life….:)

  10. As usual, I love your self portraits and many of the shots you take to kids or “stolen moments” in landscapes and people.
    To tell the truth, these are the pics that I still “feel” more like truly yours.
    I mean, there’s something different that is perceived in these photos and those you take with models and to build up catalogs. Without taking the proper value to good shots in those cases.
    I hope I am clear in what I would like to say.. It’s a complex concept in a language that is not directly my native one 🙂

    • I understand! 😉
      the problem with my fashion photography is that I still don’t have full control of what I can create. The client usually wants something different of what I would come up with if I were to do it all alone.

      • It’s a common problem for creative people.
        It’s not so easy to find customers that really understand your art and leave you full control on a project. When this happens it’s heavenly and fully satisfactory, often for both the artist and the customer. Sometimes it does take time tho’ 🙂
        I bet that when your feelings will take over the fear of making your customer unsatisfied the results will be simply astonishing 🙂
        Keep up the good job!

  11. Amy says:

    Beautiful! You are very Gorgeous and a Great photographer!
    You pictures inspire me to work on my photo taking.

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