A hottie and an abandoned rusty locomotive

Hello again, the very few brave who came to resort into peeking at these photos! Here I am to share with you a few photos from yet another photoshoot. This time it’s a male model. It doesn’t happen a lot, but I shoot man too. And if the poor response I get on such photos were a “o-meter” to how good the photos are, I’d be as good as doomed. But I know better. There is still – and it’s liketly to persist for ages to come – a lame resistance to admire the male form, regardless of one’s sexual orientation. But I won’t get into that more than I have already. I hope you’ll enjoy some aspects of the photos.

I need vacations.

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9 Responses to A hottie and an abandoned rusty locomotive

  1. Peety says:

    Wonderful job, Anna.. You have a true talent for portraits.. =) x

  2. John says:

    Hi Anna , was this in Londrina ? did you have a photo of the round metal number plaque/plate on the side of the Loco ? (weird request jaja) bjos

    • Hi John,

      Yes, it was taken in Londrina. Nope, I didn’t take such a photo. But I intend on going back there eventually, so I might take that photo for you πŸ™‚

      Maybe you’re interested in finding out if it’s an english made locomotive? πŸ™‚

  3. Keith says:

    These are all great male model shots and he knows his job well. Indeed, there can be great beauty in the male form (like Michelangelo’s David)….. but, sadly, this can decline after the development of a ‘beer belly’. As a photographer you should be able to shoot both female and male equally well, and this is shown here.

  4. Calin says:

    I-d call some picture ”Iron Man” nicely done!

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