The joy of the creative process in photography, making a dream come true

For as far as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of having a swing on a tree by a lake. I made this wish come true for a few minutes for a photoshoot with a most polite and lovely girl. The photos turned gorgeous, but I still dream of having my own place and if the fates allow, may it have a little lake with a tall tree tagging along so I can hang my swing and feel the breeze on warm summer days, and close my eyes and dream my photographic dreams.

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12 Responses to The joy of the creative process in photography, making a dream come true

  1. Philippe says:

    Tu poses tes yeux comme on dépose la lumière… Tout en douceur !

  2. tatiana says:

    Looks like such a lonely place… I like it!

  3. Gary says:

    This is lovely Anna! Now we need you joyously swinging over the water! Gary

  4. Thanks Gary, that was actually for a client photoshoot 🙂

  5. Kirk says:

    There are stories about the lake. It is important to know them as you swing over the mystery. Dreams swing by.

  6. Doug Bauman says:

    Your dream is a wonderful dream. Someday it should be so. But if it does come true, try not to get too bored of being tied down to one place, even a dream place.

  7. Ruitsuto says:

    Pura magia, encantamento e beleza!

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  9. Teresa C says:

    Love this simple capture! What an idyllic spot – away from the bustling, busy and even frentic city life.

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