The Country Side and Beautiful Golden Light with Stefanie Zanon

Last month I photographed the beautiful Stefanie Zanon. The first leg of the shoot you saw here, now you get to see the second part 😉


Mês passado eu fotografei a bela Stefanie Zanon. A primeira “perna” da sessão vocês viram aqui, agora vocês vêem a segunda parte 😉

These photos on the dirt road remind me of Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” 😉

I was really please with her performace, I got some great photos with her! 😉

This photo bellow, I had wanted to do it for such a loooong time! And finally I got to do it in the photoshoot with Stefanie Zanon.
This is actually inspired by a drawing I saw long long ago, both the concept and title are “borrowed” from the work of Shira Sela. I don’t usually do that, but I had been quite obcessed with this image…
So, for this photo I had wanted a white pidgeon… and I’d need help, or so I thought. So on sunday at around 9 a.m. I tried to wake my brother up, so he’d help me… that was of no use, he wouldn’t get up. He woke up at 12:00 and we went to the central cemetery in town where there is a recently built dovecote (just a piece of useless information, I think someone was being funny with the choice of location for the dovecote, as in a reference for “Columbarium”).
Inside the dovecote there were many pidgeons, but only one of white color… with a few black spots on the feathers. “Good enough” I thought. I closed the dovecote’s door and the horror began… I felt like I were in a Hitchcock’s movie, but instead of being beaked to death, I’d be sh*t to death. Luckily that didn’t happen but from outside my brother was hearing my “aaaagh” screams and he was laughing his pants off. Har har har…
I managed to get the white pidgeon and as I was exiting the dovecote there came a person responsible for cleaning the place up. A conversation followed:

CAP: What are you doing?
Me: I ahn… mmmm am capturing a bird I need for a photoshoot…
CAP: are you doing to take it outside the cemetery?
Me: Yes, the photoshoot is at a farm
CAP: You can’t. I won’t allow you to…
Me: Why not?
CAP: Administration rules… if I hadn’t seen you do it, you could get all of them, kill them, cook them, but since I’ve seen it, you can’t…
My brother: Well, you could go take a walk and pretend you didn’t see anything, there is nobody else around here
CAP: I can’t…  I myself have killed dozens of these pidgeons, but I can’t let you take one if I see you doing it.
Me: I’m not going to kill it, I will only take it, photograph it and I’ll bring it back to you, give it right back in your hands…
CAP: I don’t care what you do with the bird, you just aren’t going to take it…

So my brother and I left, quite a bit frustrated… I had taken a cardboard box to put the pidgeon inside once it was captured and my brother thought it would be a good idea to use it to try to capture a pidgeon at park… if we weren’t successfull we’d be back at the cemetery after a few minutes, check if the CAP (cemetery a**hole person) was around, grab a pidgeon and be outta there.
Ok, we went to the park and tah-daaah… there was a beautiful fully white pidgeon eating popcorn someone had left there by a bench…
ever so slowly, taking tiny tiny baby steps I approached, with the cardboard in hands and my back bended (looking much like a crazy person). And by slowly, I mean really slowly. I took 10 minutes to get close to the bird, who was suspiciously keeping an eye on me. I got close enough and ZAZ!!!! I captured it!!! \o/ Victory!!!!
But I wasn’t lucky still… I had taken a cardboard box much too big for my arms and I couldn’t reach the darned thing… so my brother came to the rescue: “leave it to me… because I’m smarter… faster… my arms are longer… blablabla”… he puts his arm inside the box and the next thing I see is the pidgeon scaping from right under his fingers off to the big blue sky… I was most stunned, quite like the OMG Cat
I said: “You let it scape!!! O.O” but my brother was just laughing at his goof and at my expression…

Off we went back again to the cemetery… my brother stayed outside. I told him: I’ll get inside, grab the first flying rat I can put my hands on and we run! (Time was flying too, the photoshoot was scheduled for and we hadn’t had lunch yet)
I got inside, grabbed a bird and in the distance I saw the CAP and swiftly walked away. I approached my brother: “Open the box! He’s coming!! GO! GO! GO!!”
lol ^.^

We got home, swallowed the food mother cooked and met with the Zanons. They saw the box and asked what was that for… I said: “a surprise for one of the photos we’ll take” 😉 but they heard noises inside and were a bit aprehensive hehehe
I told them of the adventure and they were laughing hard trying to imagine the saga…

We went to the farm, took the photos and then set the bird free. They even recorded the freeing of the bird on video just in case animal rights activists decide to come in hords for my neck. The bird wasn’t hurt, just a bit stressed out maybe, but not hurt ;P
If they want to go for someone’s neck, they should try finding the CAP…

Model: Stefanie Zanon

Assistants: Gustavo Berlim & Larissa Zanon

Wardrobe: Le Colis by Bruna Jannani

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14 Responses to The Country Side and Beautiful Golden Light with Stefanie Zanon

  1. davideasflickered says:

    Beautiful set AnnA!!
    you are a talented photographer =)
    I love how you use natural light!!! :*

  2. sHOW….

  3. Keith says:

    Love every one. ‘Contre jour’ is your ‘piece de resistance’….sounds better in French than in English….:)
    Maybe I should return Canon’s overpriced lens hoods for refund… Hoping you will put a few more of these on flickr for faving..?

    • I seriously don’t know why anyone would buy hoods… ;P hehehe

      and no, I’m not planning on uploading anymore of the photos. Even though the ones with golden light are quite beautiful, I feel there is something lacking in them… I don’t know… I’m having a crisis with my photography lately ;P

  4. Remy says:

    “I was most stunned, quite like the OMG Cat” Hahahaha! LoL!

    Wonderful serie. The light in your photo’s is magical!

  5. Great review! You actually overviewed some valuable things in this post. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, will be following you on my iphone 🙂

  6. Muito lindo seu blog, as fotos estão perfeitas..

  7. Pulitzer prize material there.

  8. Mart Bono says:

    fantastic work!

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