A ginger beauty, Brenda Campano and the White Room of Better Memories

A while ago I had been told about this really cool place, with this room filled with playful light. I have been quite obcessed with light play lately so I was eager to go there and take some photos. The oportunity presented itself and I got to work with a gorgeous and really lovely model, Brenda Campano 😉


Há algum tempo atrás me falaram desse lugar super legal, com essa “sala” cheia de luz. Eu tenho estado obcecada com jogo de luzes ultimamente e estava bastante ansiosa para fazer algumas fotos lá. A oportunidade se apresentou e tive o prazer de trabalhar com a linda e muito adorável modelo Brenda Campano 😉

I’m exceedingly pleased with the resulting images, Lílian Morita and Brenda Campano did a great job and we had a fun afternoon 😉


Eu fiquei muito satisfeita com o resultado, a Lílian e a Brenda fizeram um ótimo trabalho e tivemos uma tarde divertida 😉

Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?And the shoes, dresses and acessories are simply fantastic too 🙂 Loving it all!


Ela não é absolutamente linda? E os sapatos, vestidos e acessórios são simplesmente fantásticos também! Adorei tudo!

Model /Modelo: Brenda Campano

Make up & assistant / Maquiagem e assistência: Lílian Morita

Dresses / Vestidos: Züe Store

Shoes / Sapatos: Santa Lolla

Accessories / Acessórios: Pink Biju

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12 Responses to A ginger beauty, Brenda Campano and the White Room of Better Memories

  1. Some very cool looks… Minus the flat shoes… Just my thing… 😉

  2. Another great set Annuska!
    My favs are the “Red shirt” one, her portraits and the turquoise steps ones..
    She’s gorgeous indeed, I would have kept some of her freckles.. to enhance the beauty of her “Gingerness” 🙂
    Hugs and thanks!


    • Thank you, Pier! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the photos.
      About the freckles, I never photoshop them away. She didn’t have any, pure milky skin. I think she might have a few on her nose, but the make up covered that up…
      hugs and have a great week 🙂

  3. bbnick says:

    she is a beauty expertly captured
    by your talented eye!

  4. el chiwawa :o) says:

    hi ! ahh so gorgeous photos, thanks for loading!

  5. Keith says:

    What an amazing series. A model of her quality definitely inspired you to new heights.

  6. Ruitsuto says:

    Um trabalho estonteante, de tirar o fôlego!

  7. Mart Bono says:

    just great stream of work!

  8. Dr. Paul A. Curto says:

    Brenda06 is a great capture…

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