Sakura no Uta, Waterfall Nymph & The swing by the lake

A couple of months ago I photographed one of my favorite photoshoots to date. It was my favorite because the client was a super sweet darling, we had lots of fun through the shoot and the photos turned out great, pretty much the way I had envisioned them. I’m looking foward for my next photoshoot with her 🙂


Alguns meses atrás eu fotografei um dos meus platipus fotográficos favoritos. É um dos meus favoritos porque a cliente foi uma fofa querida imensa, nos divertimos muito durante o platipus e as fotos ficaram lindas, muito próximas do que eu havia imaginado para esse ensaio. Mal posso esperar para o meu próximo platipus com ela 🙂

Model: Victoria Mazzeo

Make up: Lílian Morita

Dresses: Le Colis

Assistant: Gustavo Berlim

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29 Responses to Sakura no Uta, Waterfall Nymph & The swing by the lake

  1. DaAsFlickered says:

    enchanted atmosphere!!
    wonderful job AnnA!! 😀

  2. tatiana says:

    So romantic, lovely work!

  3. Philippe says:

    As always, you can give happiness using just your eye and the most natural light possible…  Merci Anna, bravo à ton beau modèle aussi ! Kisses and hugs !

  4. Ken says:

    An enchanting series, AnnA – some of your most beautiful shots.
    Ken xox

  5. Victória says:

    you´re amazing and I loooooved to be photographed by you 😉
    I´m very exciting for our next job ..

    kisses =)

  6. Ruitsuto says:

    Um trabalho apaixonante Annita, dá vontade de ver e rever. Pura poesia.

  7. andrea says:

    nooossa Anna!!! estou aqui de boca abeeerta com a beleza dessas fotos!!! simplesmente maravilhosas!!! cada uma mais bonita que a outra!! cada vez que eu abaixava a pagina, suspirava com tanta beleza <333 parabens mesmo!!

  8. These photos are gorgeous adn such a lovely model. There is some great natural light as well. x

  9. Mónica says:

    This is a wonderful shooting! You have some really good photos here, it was a delight to see. The model is gorgeous, but your photos made her look fabulous! They are lovely, romantic, inocent and free. It’s like the first smell of Spring, after a long cold Winter.

  10. Mónica says:

    Desculpa, agora reparei nos outros comentários e vi que poderia ter escrito em português, lol! Como só tinha lido os primeiros comentários, não reparei, mas para a próxima escrevo em português, ok? 🙂

  11. wow this is so beautiful and romantic!

  12. akologin says:

    Please tell me that youre heading to keep this up! Its so superior and so important. I cant wait to read additional from you. I just feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to become missed. Terrific stuff, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  13. Mart Bono says:

    Lovely set of photos!

  14. heverton says:

    Nossa!!! o ambiente e a modelo se conecta perfeitamente parabens para o fotografo e a modelo.belas fotos!!!

  15. heverton says:

    Eu observando e viajando na minha mente: eu com minha guitarra num lugar desses”hihi!!

  16. SO beautiful , support

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  18. benpearse says:

    I really like the positions you put the model in, they really work well, especially liking the water backdrop scenes. Great work Anna

  19. Hi there, You have performed an excellent job. I am going to certainly digg it and in my view
    suggest to our friends. I’m sure they’re going to be used this website.

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