Self-Portraits Pot-Pourri

I haven’t done as many self-portraits as I would like lately. Sometimes I get too busy or too unmotivated. But sometimes a breath of vitality slaps my low spirits in the face and I go for it. “Why would you feel unmotivated?” you might ask. Well, I need money, so I need clients. And I put as much effort on making good photos of the clients as I put on self-portraits, but repeatedly people comment how my self-portraits are so much better than my other work and that I should only take self-portraits, but I don’t see any of these people buying prints of my self-portraits to support me.


Eu não tenho feito muitos auto-retratos ultimamente. Às vezes eu fico muito ocupada ou muito desmotivada. Mas às vezes um sopro de vitalidade dá um tapa na cara no meu desânimo e eu me inspiro a fazer algo. “Mas por que você se sentiria desmotivada?” vocês poderiam perguntar. Bom, eu preciso de dinheiro, então eu preciso de clientes. E eu me esforço na mesma medida para fazer belas fotos de clientes quanto eu me esforço para fazer auto-retratos, mas repetidamente vem gente falar como meus auto-retratos são tão melhores que o meu trabalho com outras pessoas e que eu deveria fazer apenas auto-retratos, mas eu não vejo nenhuma dessas pessoas comprando cópias dos meus auto-retratos para me ajudar.

I love taking self-portraits, it’s a kind of therapy and a way to express myself. But in the end of the day I’m not making any money out of it and I have bills to pay and I have a life that is waiting to be lived. I understand how people usually like self-portraits (from any artist) more than the rest of the body of work, but to have the nerve of saying over and over that the only good thing I do is self-portraits… it’s disheartening, to say the least. And it’s obviously not everyone saying that, there are some really kind supportive hearts uplifting and reassuring me I’m doing the right thing.


Eu adoro fazer auto-retratos, é um tipo de terapia e uma maneira de me expressar. Mas no final das contas naõ estou fazendo dinheiro nenhum com essas fotos e eu tenho contas para pagar e tenho uma vida esperando para ser vivida.

But I feel like I can write all I want, it’s no use. Never works, people will continue with their wired thoughts until the day they die and after.

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29 Responses to Self-Portraits Pot-Pourri

  1. beautiful photographs as always! you’re beautiful.

  2. You are a very gorgeous Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What tune are playing with the flauta de Pan?

  4. Alalettre says:

    Magnifique pot-pourri… I love when you make SP… A fairy book !

  5. Axis Trader says:

    Awesome shots babss… Parabéns!!


  6. Ken says:

    No one seems to be taking you up on the point you’re making about needing to sell photos to make a living. I suspect the problem is that, for most people, they love the photos but don’t need hard copies – they have the pictures available to them on their computer screens. I can’t see that changing, I’m sorry to say.

    It’s therefore down to you to decide whether you get enough exposure and benefit from publishing them on Flickr, perhaps in boosting your fame as a photographer and/or simply getting feedback on your progress – finding out what people really like. It might also be worth appealing to the Brazilian community on Flickr to help you find clients by showing your wonderful portfolios to friends? After all, it’s those clients who are going to help you make a living, not the fans of your ‘selfles’.

    I’m not sure that those of us who live further afield can do much in that line to help. I just hope you’ll keep publishing them, Annuska – they’re by far my favourite shots on Flickr!

    Ken xox

    • yeah, not many people seem to read what I write sometimes, or maybe they feel a bit shy to say something about it.

      I agree, with the internet, ipads and such you can access any kind of information and store it in your pc, you don’t need to buy, to own stuff. The same goes with music and books for example.

      It’s unlikely that I shall make much money from self-portraits, maybe get one licensed if I’m lucky. I just wish some people would be more sensitive in their comments about “you should only take self-portraits”. There are some people that won’t even comment on photos from me that aren’t self-portraits. That’s a bit annoying and disheartening.

      And I agree with what Duane wrote down there. We need money and we need to explore. These two things don’t always go together and it’s fine, what is not fine is people demanding self-portraits and rejecting my commissioned work.

  7. amir says:

    Lovely work Anna!

  8. Duane Reimer says:

    Your self portraits are fantastic, but so is your commissioned work. They are different as they should be. When you do self portraits, you are free to do whatever you want. When you are hired to take pictures for someone, you usually have some rules to follow. I’m a Graphic Designer. I have a job I go to every day where I have to be creative for our paying clients. When I go home, I still like to be creative. The stuff I create at work, and the stuff I create on my free time are totally different. We need paying clients to pay our bills. And we need free time to explore and experiment with things that you can’t do for clients. We are lucky to have both.

  9. Ruitsuto says:

    Seus auto retratos tem uma força intimista impressionante. É como se vc mostrasse sua alma neles. E eu vejo esta força nos trabalho com seus clientes, em que a personalidade dos retratados se expressam de forma plena e sincera.

  10. bbnick says:

    Do not get discouraged,
    you are so talented in all your photographic
    endeavors. Keep doing what you do,
    the money and respect for your work will come!

  11. jan de kok says:

    Duane is right. And, as always, some people just look at the objects of the pictures. Fortunately a lot of people see the photograph as an expression of art. The picure as a whole with the meaning behind. Personally I love your commissioned work more because it shows great power in your choices regarding to expressions, light and backgrounds. Especially the sets. It may be the gift of where you live. But you know to find them!
    Publishing here will not directly sell your portraits, but it really gives a good idea about your skills. What about a great website of your own where you put your portofolio (‘the best of’) and where you can refer to? I made my son’s website and he’s satisfied with it 🙂
    Keep up the good work Anna! You’re doing great!

  12. Jeff Milton says:

    You are the best person to judge what you, the artist, should do. Trust your instinct. It seems to me that your Flickr stream started well and has got better and better. Your vision, your aesthetic sense, your message to the world is beautiful to witness. Your worldwide fans – amongst whom I am happy to count myself – are refreshed by your artistic creations in a tangible way. You make the world a better place and that is a wonderful achievement.

  13. DaAsFlickered says:

    fabulous set AnnA!! 🙂
    enchanted atmosphere…

  14. keith says:

    Flickr isn’t a gossip column like Facebook. it’s a place for photographers to store and make available their photos for anyone else interested. There are hundreds of flickerites uploading thousands of holiday/kids/pets/cars pics with few views and no comments. Do they care…? Probably not. For me it’s a convenient place to show my studio shots for potential new models, clients and any comments are appreciated for the sake of the models. If there are no comments and few views I know one important thing…..the models love their pictures, so who cares what anyone else thinks….As one famous, female flickrite once said to critics..’It’s MY photostream and I upload what I want. If you don’t like my pictures then you can go to……’ or similar words. All those guys above have said all the necessary words of support for you. Listen to them and not the detractors……

  15. Alalettre says:

    All the Anna I love in her intimate lovely and fairy world… THE art of SP !

  16. Tom Ellefsen says:

    Anna, please don’t let people’s comments get you down too much because ALL of your work is boss. I love the variety of seeing different people in the images too, lovely though your self-pos are. I think you’re doing it right, with your current track – keeping clients happy and also producing beautiful personal imagery. Kudos for having a level head and humble heart to go with your brilliant eye. I’d take the comments you speak of (that only appear on your self-portraits) as the sign of someone who is perhaps smitten with you, and because of this, doesn’t possess the ability to appreciate images without you in them. You shouldn’t feel bad about your own work because of this; really, I’d feel sorry for the commenter. It’s sad to live a blinkered life and not see the lovely things on the edges of your gaze. Anyway, you rock! We all love your shots so please, carry on!! 😀

  17. thank you so much, everyone!! I really appreciate the support 😉

  18. Lee says:

    Awesome set of self-portraits. I agree that it’s the best way to express yourself 🙂

  19. Kiley Maria says:

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  20. Beautiful work Anna, your words are true, it can be difficult at times, but your talent will prevail 🙂

  21. Mart Bono says:

    Your self portraits are beautifull! Yous can feel the lightness of being when you look at them. Congrats for your beautifull work!

  22. Dr. Paul A. Curto says:

    Your photos begin to reveal your inner beauty with each new shoot. I can see now in 2014 where it all began. You are just now realizing the breadth and depth of your talent. I cannot wait to see how well you reach that ultimate goal. For now, Anna, my reaction…I love it!

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