The (daily) search for lovely things

Sometimes the wind sings along with the leaves by my window… and for a brief moment I wish I were in some exotic beach, taking photos, resting on a hammock, rocking in the rithm of a ukulele. But Alas! Such isn’t my luck… so I try to see the lovely things around me, for there are many, even if the “human condition” craves for the greenery on the other side of the fence.

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8 Responses to The (daily) search for lovely things

  1. Andrea says:

    gente, que macaron é esse??
    adorei as fotos, o gatinho é muito fofo <333

    • hehehe é de uma panificadora chiquetosa aqui de Londrina 🙂
      Eu vejo essas fotos e fico com vontade de comer mais!

      Os gatinhos adoram brincar de “brigar”, ficam lutando com tudo e com o nada! kkkk sério, a Derpina (da foto) vive caçando o vento… kkk me divirto muito

  2. Ken says:

    Hi AnnA,
    Your photos just show how important it is to keep one’s eyes open and have a camera to hand – simple shots that record what we take for granted have a habit of turning into something special! 🙂
    Ken xox

  3. Gabriele says:

    Eu amei a foto do gatinho *—* ele parece tão fofo.
    As folhas parecem corações e o doce … hummm, muito “fotografável” rs

  4. orangepajamas says:

    the macaroon looks so tempting. Also, you have captured the moment with the kitten quite well.

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