Cuteness Overload: Kittens Fooling Around

A few of you know, I rescued three kittens a couple of weeks ago. They are still here, I was trying to pull the “Oh, they ended up staying” on my mother but she’s not buying it. So I’ll have to find a home for them soon. But while it lasts, I’ll enjoy the play times and photography opportunities 🙂


Alguns de vocês sabem, eu salvei três gatinha umas duas semanas atrás. Elas ainda estão aqui em casa, eu tentei mandar um “Ah, eles acabaram ficando” pra cima da minha mãe, mas não rolou. Então eu vou ter que encontrar um lar para eles logo. Mas enquanto dura, eu vou aproveitar as brincadeiras com eles, e as oportunidades fotográficas 🙂

They play around everything, climb everything…

And now what, Miss SmartPants?

Like I mentioned before on flickr, the kittens were being stoned by two kids. I don’t know how much they went through before, but one of the blacks has three major wounds (almost all healed now) and the other one has a broken tail. The one with the broken tail is given to shenanigans more than the others, so I found it appropriate to name it: “Behemoth”. She’s very much like the character in the novel “The Master and Margarita”… also, up to this time and age, people still think black cats carry something of evil in them, so this is my little laugh in the face of ignorance.


Como eu havia mencionado no flickr, os gatos estavam sendo apedrejados por duas crianças. Eu não sei pelo que as gatas passaram antes, mas uma das pretinhas tem três machucados grandes (quase completamente curados) e uma tem o rabo quebrado. A gata com o rabo quebrado é uma “diabinha”, é a mais travessa, então eu achei apropriado nomeá-la: “Behemoth”. Ela me lembra da personagem do romance “O Mestre e Margarita”… e também, porque ainda hoje muita gente acha que gatos pretos carregam algo de malévolo neles, então essa é a minha pequena risada na cara da ignorância.

Hasta Later, Minasan 😉

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20 Responses to Cuteness Overload: Kittens Fooling Around

  1. DaAsFlickered says:

    these kittens are beautiful AnnA!! 🙂
    Unfortunately, there are ignorant people.. who do not respect pets..

  2. orangepajamas says:

    damn cute

  3. Jan de Kok says:

    Not only you have a great talent for photography, you also have a great heart! Thinking about it I’m sure this comes together 🙂
    That’s how fine people develop!
    Good luck with the “nursery”! Take care!

  4. Ken says:

    Hi AnnA,
    There’s something especially appealing about kittens – cute little faces and playful behaviour. They’re so trusting, too, which makes it even more difficult to understand how anyone could be unkind to them. I love the photos and feel sad at the idea of having to move them on.
    Ken xox

  5. sridhar says:

    Love those little fellows. When i see those cute eyes of your kitten they remind me of my pet kitten Blur which disappeared 2 months ago 😦

  6. I like the young cat looking down from the bike wheel.

  7. hbozzone says:

    I’d love to give one a home 😉 Wish you lived in NYC!

  8. Lina Costa. says:

    OMG! Adorable photos! I love your flickr photosteam! ❤
    You're a brilliant photographer! ^-^

  9. Chloe says:

    gosh they are adorable! i dont understand how people can be cruel to animals 😦

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