Girls! Girls! Girls!!!

As promised, a more interesting post for “the next time”…  Here are some photos from a quick photoshoot with Carol Tognon, for her blog; a few self-portraits and a few photos I took at a birthday afternoon-tea-get-together.


Como prometido, um post mais interessante para essa vez… Aqui estão algumas fotos de um ensaio bem rapidinho com a Carol Tognon, para o blog dela, alguns auto-retratos e algumas fotos que fiz de uma reunião/chá da tarde para comemorar o aniversário da Naiane. 🙂

For these photos, our boyfriends were throwing the flowers in the air 🙂


Para essas fotos, nossos namorados jogaram as flores no ar 🙂

She’s in the far right of the photos because they are to be used as the header of her blog, in case you are wonder…


Ela está à extrema direita das fotos porque essas fotos serão usadas como “header” do blog dela, no caso de estarem se perguntando…

And these self-portraits, as you might remember, were taken while I was working on this 🙂


E esses auto-retratos abaixo foram tirados enquanto eu fazia essas fotos aqui 🙂

And these while testing the 24-70mm 🙂

le birthday…

à bientôt 😉

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15 Responses to Girls! Girls! Girls!!!

  1. Love these images! Carol is stunning and your self portraits are captivating. Well done!

  2. bbnick says:

    all the pretty girls,
    bravo Anna!

  3. Harini says:

    I just enjoy looking at your work! Beautiful portraits, Anna!

  4. Mikko Vuorinen says:

    The second shoot of Carol is simply stunning! I truly understand your boyfriends reactions… (I would have done the same :))

  5. jai long says:

    Great portraits, love your work

  6. Ken says:

    Lots of pretty ladies and one stunning brunette (behind the camera as usual!).
    You’ve got a gift for taking lovely glamorous shots, AnnA.
    Ken xox

  7. Patrick Emerson says:

    Ah, some photos of the most magical artist I know!

  8. Sam says:

    Of the Carol Tognon photos, the last one is my favourite, and it is absolutely incredible.

  9. thank you thank you, you two! 😉

  10. Thanks for a great share, I am also a photographer and find your work fantastic, keep up the great work.

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