Mayara Beraldo, the plus size beauty

Few times I’ve have a photoshoot that was this much fun. Mayara was a darling, super fun and all into taking the photos. The rest of the team didn’t fall short in enthusiasm either. I often say that if the model isn’t in the mood for photos, there’s no miracle I can do, while in the other hand, when the model is in high spirits, magic happens.


Poucas vezes fiz um ensaio que foi tão divertido. Mayara foi uma querida, super fun e super afim de fazer as fotos. O resto do time também não ficou atrás no entusiasmo. Eu geralmente digo que se a modelo não está afim de fazer fotos, não existe milagre que eu possa fazer, enquanto por outro lado, se a modelo está de bom humor, mágica acontece. 

Model: Mayara Beraldo

Make up: Silvana Torres

Styling: Stefanie Zanon

 Lighting: Larissa Zanon

Dresses: Le Colis

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14 Responses to Mayara Beraldo, the plus size beauty

  1. Tati Barro says:

    Gostei, sempre bom ver real size people fazendo fotos fantásticas.

  2. Sam says:

    Gorgeous series and very stylish shots, particularly the one of her seated on the chair on the hillside. I don’t think you need to describe her as “plus size” though, as it kind of categorises her perhaps unnecessarily. Unless, of course, it’s to deliberately advertise her as such to get attention from that part of the fashion industry. Another brilliant series of shots.

  3. Fauve says:

    Beautiful shot !!!! I love it !!!

  4. Melhem Rizk says:

    Great work as always!

  5. Janus says:

    putz…bela moça, hein!

  6. w0lfspirit says:

    I don’t think I’d call her plus sized. Unless her size IS plus clothing of course. She is quite a beauty.

  7. love the classic back lighting glow Anna

  8. elena says:

    This girl is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! She has stunning eyes,takes beautiful pictures,and promotes a normal realistic body image.She should have great self confidence in herself because anyone that criticizes her is jealous.

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