Butterflies!!! ;-)

I never studied much about butterflies at all, but I sure am enchanted by them. Not only by their beauty, but also by their metamorphosis process, the histolysis specially, where a new organism is created after the dissolution of another… the liquid mass that then becomes a butterfly. If there’s a God and we get to meet him eventually, “How does the histogenesis actually work?” is one of the things I’ll surely ask him… and then I’ll be “OOOOooohhhh! That’s quite impressive, Sir!” and I’d be on my way…

Heh, this black-veined hairstreak’s such a beauty! I had the chance to take many photos of it and I can’t help it but share a load of them with you! πŸ˜‰

Hasta Later, Minasan! πŸ˜‰

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19 Responses to Butterflies!!! ;-)

  1. Fauve says:

    Beautiful !!!!!

  2. James says:

    Very interesting to see your style come through with these ‘petite’ models.

  3. DaAsFlickred says:

    wonderfu AnnAl! =)
    looks like a place enchanted!!

  4. Janus says:

    Lindas!! TambΓ©m adoro essas bichinhas πŸ™‚ nΓ£o muito tempo atrΓ‘s, achei uma borboleta BIZARRA no meu jardim e fiz um post sobre isso…se quiser ver, sinta-se Γ  vontade: http://janusaureus.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/uma-folheta-ou-borbolha/

  5. Ken says:

    They are very pretty creatures, with no role in life but to enchant us! Nicely captured here, AnnA.
    Ken xox

  6. Sam says:

    I finally got back – magnificent collection of dreamlike butterfly shots. You conjur up an amazing atmosphere and use bokeh like nobody else I know of or have come across.

  7. Keith says:

    Lovely series….

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  9. Orn_el says:

    So cute!! Amazing pics. Btw, what lenses did you use for these ones?

  10. Orn_el says:

    Yeah, I thought so. I should buy one also..keep with the excellent work! πŸ™‚

  11. lobophotography says:

    Amazing series!!!!

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