Location Scouting

Every now and then I go around town looking for places for photoshoots. Sometimes I go riding my bicycle, sometimes I go on foot, sometimes by car and I don’t always photograph the locations, I just keep in mind what I might use and how. But this time I decided to do a little exercise in “seeing”. I’m well aware of the fact that I don’t really like many things in my city, the archtecture isn’t usually beautiful and everywhere it’s a electric wires chaos! Seriously, the wires are the thing I hate the most in my city’s urbanism. Also, my friend is getting married on December, she’s coming from South Africa to get married here, but she asked me to find some nice locations for her pre-wedding photos and for the big day as well, so I took these photos to show her a little of what I found.


Às vezes eu saio pela minha cidade para procurar locações para ensaios. Às vezes vou de bicicleta, às vezes a pé, às vezes de carro e não é sempre que eu fotografo os lugares que vou, eu apenas mantenho em mente o que eu posso usar e como. Mas dessa vez eu decidi fazer um exercício de “visão”. Eu estou consciente do fato de eu não gostar de muitas coisas na minha cidade, a arquitetura nem sempre é bonita e por todo lugar tem um caos de fios elétricos que eu acho horríveis. Sério, esse monte de fio é uma das coisas que eu mais odeio na apresentação da minha cidade. E também, minha amiga vai se casar em dezembro, vem da África para cá para se casar e pediu para eu dar uma olhada em algumas locações legais para as fotos de pré-casamento e para o grande dia também. Então eu fiz essas fotos para mostrar a ela um pouco do que encontrei.

  This is right in front of the public library, the street lamps have underground wires, but you can see even in the shadows on the upper left side that there are many wires just accross the street.

 Unfortunately when she comes, there won’t be any Jacaranda trees in full bloom, but I think we’ll be able to do some lovely photos there 🙂


Infelizmente quando ela vier, não haverão Jacarandás cheios de flores roxas, mas eu acho que conseguiremos fazer algumas fotos bonitas nesse lugar 🙂


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18 Responses to Location Scouting

  1. jan de kok says:

    How about the castle (winery) AnnA? The location you showed us lately, where you had the workshop.
    Or .. you can take her to Paraguay LOL! .. I’m sorry .. can’t help it.
    Your location is so different from where I live. That makes it interesting too. Maybe something to keep in mind. Look for typical Brasilian scene .. good luck!

  2. Guilherme says:

    Hey Babs!

    Our city could be better cared for, but i think it’s not so bad… there are some places.. and the whole has potential..that doesn’t mean much but that’s what it is…haha

    Nice shots! And keep up trying to bring the best of our town!


  3. mimsh says:

    Your town is exactly as the cities and towns in my country… Here we have wonderful nature but very bad urbanistic managment… However i am pretty sure that you will have an excellent photosession of your friend…as usual…:)
    Take care, Ann!

  4. Tati Barro says:

    Awsome locations and pics =) Can’t wait for the shoot.

  5. Ken says:

    Some great potential there, AnnA – pity the jacaranda trees won’t be blooming, though – they’re lovely! And who’s going to look at the scenery when you’ve got such a great subject, anyway! 🙂

  6. David Schook says:

    I have faith in your abilities, as does your friend. That little bridge has real possibilities for couple shots. Can you stand in the water bed, safely? LOL, so do I get to shoot your wedding?

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