Back in Black – A Rock’n’Roll inspired photoshoot

This is an editorial made for portifolio purposes and the first time I ever worked in a studio.  The only accessories were three different sized soft boxes at the studio, I used only a big one, as Fernanda (who came up with the photoshoot) wanted a contrasted but soft lighting.
The inspirations for this editorial are some rock and pop icons, like Keith Richards, Slash and Madonna, for example. The images are supposed to be saturated and with an over the top styling. The whole team knew I had never taken classes on studio lighting nor worked on a studio before and were a bit worried, but it’s not like it’s rocket science, it’s all quite intuitive too. And we were all quite happy with the results.


Esse editorial foi feito com o propósito de formar portifolio e foi a primeira vez que trabalhei em um Estúdio. Os únicos acessórios que haviam lá eram 3 soft boxes de tamanhos diferentes, eu usei apenas um grande já que a Fernanda (a mentora das fotos) queria uma luz contrastada mas suave. As Inspirações pra o editorial são algumas figuras do rock e pop, como Keith Richards, Slash e Madonna por exemplo. A proposta requeria imagens saturadas e um styling exagerado.



ACDC – Back in Black













Foto do grupo 02

Foto do grupo 03


Maybe I should stop exercizing my legs… Jesus! o.Ô



Editorial: BACK IN BLACK
Art Direction & Styling: Fernanda Piacentini
Photography & Edition: Anna Theodora
Make: Evelise Chaiben
Hair: Rafaela Calvo.
Model: Rafaela Frederick.
Production assistants: Rafaela Calvo e Jaqueline Almeida

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9 Responses to Back in Black – A Rock’n’Roll inspired photoshoot

  1. mickespinosa says:

    Very inspiring!!

  2. Mauricio says:

    Lindas as fotos! Excelente o trabalho e a modelo ótima em expressão .

  3. jan de kok says:

    Great shoot AnnA! Congrats on your début in the studio! This (once again) proves how talented you are !!

  4. David Schook says:

    Marvelous captures. Great outfits and imaginative portraits. And, in my opinion, your legs (and the rest of you) look lovely!

  5. Keith says:

    Why should they worry as studio lighting is so simple compared to all those complicated location lighting scenarios you’ve quite happily mastered before. Actually, the next time you go on a location shoot take the softbox with you…..well, umbrella is more convenient along with a wireless triggered flash gun. And yes, the bigger the better. Also you don’t have to worry about any local lunatics when you are in the studio. Anyhow, every single picture is fantastic.

  6. nomadologist says:

    Well done – beautiful work!

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    These ar stunning photos – and you took these photos? Fantastic.

    I do look at photos in magazines, quite closely. There is great artistry in photography.

    Gorgeous women! 🙂

  8. Janacekian says:

    Great stuff! Love all the ones with the sunglasses in particular 🙂

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