Les vieilles croyances sous le soleil

For this photoshoot, I had in mind the works of Benjamin Lacombe and Madeline von
Foerster. I wanted to achieve a painterly feel to them, so I set the lighting to window light
only. I feel that window light can lend a more mysterious atmosphere to photos. The red
rose has had many symbolic meanings through out the history of man kind, in the photos
of this photoshoot, the meaning is sacrifice, many other interpretations are open though.
The title of this editorial is “Les vieilles croyances sous le soleil” or “The old beliefs under
the sun”. There are shades of a few myths in the photos.
Because the red roses are (mainly) supposed to mean sacrifice, I wanted the make up
to convey sickness, thus the redness around the eyes. There are elements of transition
between beliefs and the trauma to body and soul it represented.
The camera I used was a Canon 5D mark ll and a 24-70mm 2.8 Canon lens.

If you are interested, you can find my work on Behance as well: http://www.behance.net/AnnaTheodora


Para esse editorial, eu me inspirei no trabalho de Benjamin Lacombe e Madeline von Foerster. A minha intenção era fazer fotos com uma qualidade que lembrasse pinturas, então usei apenas luz de janela. Eu sinto que luz de janela geralmente empresta uma atmosfera misteriosa para as fotos. 

Rosas vermelhas sempre tiveram muitos significados ao longo da historia do homem, nessas fotos, o significado é sacrifício, mas as fotos estão sujeitas a muitas outras interpretações . O título desse editorial é “Les vieilles cryances sous le soleil” ou “As velhas crenças sob o sol”. Existem elementos de alguns mitos nas fotos.

Devido ao fato das rosas significarem majoritariamante sacrifício, eu quis que a maquiagem tivesse um aspecto doentio, por isso o vermelho em volta dos olhos. Há elementos de transição entre crenças e o trauma para o corpo e alma que isso representou.










Photography: Anna Theodora
Styling: Breno Lorenzoni
Beauty: Carlos Secati
Model: Kawana

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9 Responses to Les vieilles croyances sous le soleil

  1. Ken says:

    It’s a wonderful set of photographs, AnnA! It helps, of course, that you have a beautiful model at your disposal, but the selection of poses, costumes, make-up and style are very evidently your work. Your progress into the world of professional photography is astonishing and I detect a change stemming from your acquisition of a high quality camera! 🙂

  2. David Schook says:

    AnnA, my pride at having such a talented photographer as you as a friend gets stronger with every shoot you do. This series is amazing in all the technical aspects of photography, but your imagination is what has turned it into timeless art.

  3. Beautiful set of images! Indeed, your model is stunning, but everything you did technically to capture and convey your concepts and her beauty in such a manner is admirable. Bravo!

  4. Doug Bauman says:

    very artistic and beautiful photography!

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Overwhelmingly totally stunningly wow.

  6. salut, je voulais à te feliciter pour la qualité des articles de ton blog ! j’édite moi aussi un blog depuis peu et j’espère pouvoir faire aussi bien 🙂 A bientôt, ZAK

  7. bonjour, je tenais à te remercier pour la pertinence des articles de ton blog ! j’édite moi aussi un blog depuis peu et j’espère pouvoir faire aussi bien 🙂 A bientôt, ZAK

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