Le Jardin Secret

A while ago, a beautiful day, lovely people. Photoshoot for Glam4U’s Pre-Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.


Há algum tempo atrás, um dia bonito, pessoas agradáveis. Editorial e lookbook para para a coleção de Inverno/Pre-Fall 2013 para Glam4U.


Like I mentioned before, we don’t suffer hard winter. It never snows here and when it make to the news when temperatures go a couple of degrees bellow zero. So, this year, Manu’s collection is lovely, elegant and romantic. Somewhat inspired by Chanel, Birkins, Hermès and other classic brands.


Como eu já havia mencionado antes, nós não sofremos um  inverno muito rigoroso. Então esse ano, a coleção da Boutique Manu é elegante, bonita e romântica. Com alguma inspiração nas marcas clássicas como Chanel, Birkins, Hermès, entre outras.



















lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 01

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 02

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 03

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 04

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 05

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 06

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 07

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 08

lookbook Manu Amanda Sterza 09

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 01

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 02

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 03

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 04

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 05

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 06

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 07

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 08

lookbook Manu Andi Rosés 09


Le Jardin Secret
Winter Collection, Glam4U 2013

Photography & Edition: Anna Theodora
Models : Amanda Sterza & Andi Rosés
Production & Styling – Manuela Moreira Lima e Dario Oliveira
Assistant: Caroline Felcar
Make & Hair: Micheli Pessoto & Studio One staff

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16 Responses to Le Jardin Secret

  1. Como sempre…belo trabalho…amei!
    Modelos e roupas lindas.
    Sou sua fã =)

  2. DaAsFlickred says:

    beautiful set AnnA!! 🙂

  3. DreamMaker says:

    Wow, I really love this set!
    Amazing work Anna.

  4. Raoel says:

    wow realy so stunning 🙂

  5. jan de kok says:

    Great pictures .. nice shoot! This would be our summer collection 🙂 By the way I discover in your works a growing wealth in Brazil. The fashion, the fine restaurants, birthday parties and weddings etc. Am I right?

  6. David Schook says:

    A collection of beauty, captured and presented at a level previously unsurpassed by these eyes. AnnA, you are a treasure!

  7. Beautiful images Anna!

  8. Anna such a awesome series.. so so pro..WOW

  9. Ken says:

    A really splendid portfolio of fashion photography, AnnA, all to a very high standard. The models and poses are excellent and the clothes are beautifully presented, but it’s the way you have managed to produce such a high quality set of images that is impressive. These are professional standards and deserve to be regarded as such! Well done!
    Ken xox

  10. Sem palavras pra tanto bom gosto! 🙂

  11. Ian says:

    Beautiful images Anna!
    How do you get those colours?

  12. Keith says:

    The tee shirt says it all, classy models, classy clothes, classy locations and classy pictures.

  13. Carlos says:

    Your cousin misses you…

  14. Dr. Paul A. Curto says:

    Do these ethereal beings have any idea how much your compositions bring natural elegance to their image? You have the mastery, Anna!

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