Beauty Portraits

Sometime ago, I lost two big jobs because the potential clients thought I wouldn’t be able to do studio beauty portraits, since I had none of such in my portifolio… So I took a few to show’em it’s no rocket science and that if they had hired me, their photos would look much better  have them nice and neat on my portifolio.


Há algum tempo atrás eu perdi dois trabalhos grandes porque os clientes em potencial acharam que eu não seria capaz de fazer fotos de beleza em estúdio, já que eu não tinha nenhuma foto assim no meu portifolio… Então eu fiz algumas para mostrar para eles que se você entende de luz você faz foto em qualquer lugar e situação e se eles tivesse me contratado, as fotos teriam ficado muito melhor tê-las bem bonitinhas no meu portifolio.









Models: Carol Lazari & Rebeca Magnoni

Make up: Carlos Secati

Hair: Julio Nunes

Nail Polish: Esmaltes Jade

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17 Responses to Beauty Portraits

  1. David Schook says:

    I need a few of these in my portfolio as well. Now I know what I was doing wrong, I thought it was rocket science.

  2. Luis Marcelo says:

    Não que você tenha que provar alguma coisa, maaaas… taí!
    E a primeira modelo tem duas cores nos olhos, uau!!

  3. Dear Anna, I shared this lovely posts with these beauties on my FB page! Thanks for sharing!


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  5. Jim Bauer says:

    Your work is fantastic, and your understanding of light is obvious. Your work is clean, and a joy to view.

  6. Jeevan says:

    Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous portraits! Your picture are crisp and clear and portrayed elegantly.

  7. CaliforniaCompany says:

    hey, miss i dont know if you remember me from flickr…i had the name “theDailyOrdinary”. just wanted to say hello…and i can see things are goin pretty good. your work has just gotten better! haha hope you have a good day tho.

  8. Melhem Rizk says:

    Stunning work as always!

  9. Keith says:

    Yeah, get the portfolio sorted out and show those clients what they are missing. Play around with a bit more lighting. At least you have a pro crew to help, stunning models and a good post processing ability. It won’t be long before you are doing front covers.

  10. Wow… seu trabalho é fantástico. Acho que a prova está aí. E não liga pra esse povinho não… Vc é fantástica!!!

  11. Dr. Paul A. Curto says:

    Since I am a rocket scientist, I can assure you that your abilities far exceed the level required of my profession.

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