Around the house, Around the garden

Not many people know, but there are hundreds of plants in my house. I have been so busy with work in the last months that I hardly had time to admire it, much less photograph the beautiful flowers that are always coloring the garden. Which by the way, had gotten my mother upset with me. Thursday I had a little time in the afternoon, and tired of looking at the computer screen, I decided to take a few photos around the house and garden. The moment le mother saw me shooting her work of heart, you could see she was pleased.


Não são muitas pessoas que sabem, mas existem centenas de plantas na minha casa. Eu tenho estado tão ocupada com trabalho nos últimos meses que mal tive tempo para admira-las, muito menos fotografar as belas flores que estão sempre colorindo o jardim. Quinta eu consegui algumas horas livres à tarde e cansada de ficar na frente do computador, eu decidi fazer algumas fotos pela casa e pelo jardim.

Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-01 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-02 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-03 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-04 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-05 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-06 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-07 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-08 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-09 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-10 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-11 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-12 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-13 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-14 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-15 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-16 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-17 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-18 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-19

The orchids and the roses are really the pride and the jewel of the garden.


As orquídeas e as rosas são realmente o orgulho e a jóia do jardim. 

Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-20 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-21 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-22 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-23 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-24 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-25 Around-the-house-Around-the-garden-26

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4 Responses to Around the house, Around the garden

  1. Mauricio says:

    Uau !! Todas lindas, com certeza rosas sempre serão uma jóia e as orquídeas sempre atraentes e fascinantes ! Belo jardim Anna-flor! :)))

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  3. Karlo says:

    Lovely! I like no. 14 most 😉

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