Men in Style

I wish there were more black models in the market… and you know, I’m absolutely sure that if the fashion industry starts stating that black is gorgeous, native american is gorgeous, dark skin indians are gorgeous and start presenting models of such ascendency in a cool, beautifully styled way, everybody would be loving it, just like they love beautiful white people. Let’s say, if they get a hot peruvian male model, with strong indian features, produce a photoshoot in which there are roots of his culture, but still makes him look cool and contemporaneous, either in a business like manner, or casual sport, or surf style, whatever! I’m sure they would make something beautiful that people would look up to and identify with. It’s in their hands to produce such a change… because sad as it is, most people need someone else telling them what is beautiful, what’s the norm, what’s acceptable.






Models: Carlos Secati, Julio Nunes, Leo Lopes

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6 Responses to Men in Style

  1. I agree with you Anna 100%! Beautiful photography as always.

  2. Leo Lopes says:

    thank you very much for your help anna

  3. Ramón Aviña Aguila says:


  4. SerachShiro says:

    You’re totally right, and many compliments for the beautiful photos ! 🙂

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