Color me Pretty

Last semester I put an effort to doing some photos I had in mind. Not all went accordingly to what I had wanted, but some turned out satisfactory. It was fun having the model painted in bronze (we wanted golden, but we couldn’t find the color). I found the result of this really interesting.


Semestre passado eu me dediquei a fazer algumas fotos que eu tinha em mente. Nem todas ficaram de acordo com o que eu queria, mas algumas ficaram bem satisfatórias. Foi divertido pintar a modelo de bronze (nós queríamos dourado, mas não achamos a cor). Eu considero o resultado dessas fotos bastante interessante.

Akemi-01 Akemi-Homma-02 Akemi-Homma-03

For these last two photos I used a lensbaby, thus the weird focus.


Para essas duas últimas fotos eu usei uma lensbaby, por isso o foco estranho.

Akemi-Homma-04 Akemi-Homma-05Model: Akemi Homma

Beauty: Carlos Secati

Production: Rafaela Calvo

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3 Responses to Color me Pretty

  1. Raoel says:

    Wow Anna 🙂 this serie of photo’s are so beautiful , the colours ,
    Breathtaking 🙂

  2. SerachShiro says:

    These photos are amazing, so many warm colors and Akemi did it with a lot of grace 🙂 !

  3. Dr. Paul A. Curto says:

    Well, the makeup is only half the job, right, Anna?

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