Latest self-portraits ll

There have been quite a few of them lately, no? Among other things, I’ve been trying somethings different in my self-portraits. Specially the light – waiting for the sun to go down – and concept. All of these lovely dresses are from the Copas Store in my city.


Tenho feito vários deles ultimamente, huh? Entre outras coisas, eu tentei fazer algumas coisas diferentes nos meus auto-retratos. Especialmente com a luz – esperando o sol se pôr – e conceito. Todos esses vestidos lindos são da loja Copas Store em Londrina.


Algo siempre te entristece
Cuando todo va bien
¿Qué pasa contigo?


And they’ll meet one day, far away… and say: “I wish I was something more”



Come and try to offer me candies…

Come-and-try-to-offer-me-candies-2 Partes-de-uma-estratégia-para-remediar-ausências

Partes de uma estratégia para remediar ausências

Partes-de-uma-estratégia-para-remediar-ausências-02 When-might-I-be-in-the-heart-of-poetry

When might I be in the heart of poetry?

Deciding-upon-the-fate-of-those-who-gaze-at-her,-spellboundDeciding upon the fate of those who gaze at her, spellbound.

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16 Responses to Latest self-portraits ll

  1. jeronimooo says:

    Mais do que estar, tu és poesia, dentro e fora e ao redor!

  2. extremely creative – especially the mono and Red Balloon

  3. Some gorgeous shots Anna 🙂 the details hold emotions

  4. Maurício says:

    Brincando com a luz srta luz …. adorei todas, mas as do balão e do bauzinho ! :)))

  5. Paul A. Curto says:

    I love the ingenue look that these outfits provide for you. Now, let’s see some passion and fire in your repertoire! You are an artist of great potential, dear Anna. Like Madonna of old, you must reinvent yourself and strike the pose of a spectacular persona!

  6. Preston says:

    Your so lovely, and the light is wonderful. Beautiful dresses …

  7. Não sei se admiro a modelo ou a fotógrafa…

  8. José Lira says:

    Lovely portrait, Anna!!!

  9. Seb! says:

    These portraits are absolutely wonderful! The soft creamy light ist great. Beside all this you are a very pretty woman!

  10. Bill says:

    You are a very talented photographer and model. Model is not really the right word. Actress is a better word. When you do self portraits, you know exactly what you want to convey as a photographer and then as a model you do it. I am always amazed at your talents on both sides of the camera.

  11. johncoyote says:

    The photos are amazing. You are a talented photographer. A photo is poetry for the eyes.

  12. Malcolm says:

    Beautiful and enchanting

  13. Aline Godoy says:

    Conheci seu trabalho há alguns dias no Flickr, e me apaixonei!
    Você tem uma singularidade incrível em suas fotos, (além de você ser muito linda!).
    Parabéns pelo talento. 🙂

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