Workshop: Photograph Who You Are

As I mentioned on flickr and on facebook, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate on a workshop as assistant to the lecturing photographers. The workshop lasted 4 amazing days and it was held at the Bela Vista Eco Ranch, but I was actually away for 7 days, in between travels and searching for locations in another city, for another workshop.

The workshop was hosted by Sergio Buss and Fernanda Petelinkar.

I had proposed myself the challenge of shooting everything (or almost everything) with an wide angle, since I don’t shoot wide angle all that much, but later I came to understand that my real challenge should had been shooting under imperfect light conditions and make the photo look good and also to work under the pressure of creating a lot of good photos in little time. Pretty much everyone at the workshop shoots family and weddings and so they are used to shooting a lot and coming up with many good and somewhat different pictures, as I am more into taking a few good and similar pictures and choosing only one that has the best pose, expression, light, composition, etc… anyway, enough with les excuses. Bellow are my photos taken at the workshop (even if some weren’t actually part of any challenge)


Como eu havia comentado no flickr e no facebook, algumas semanas atrás eu fui convidada a participar de um workshop super bacana como assistente dos fotógrafos palestrantes. O workshop durou por 4 dias maravilhosos na fazenda Bela Vista, que fica em Dourado – SP. Na verdade eu fiquei fora 7 dias, em viagem e visitando locações em outra cidade para um outro workshop. 

O workshop foi ministrado por Sergio Buss e Fernanda Petelinkar.

Nesse workshop eu me propus o desafio de fotografar tudo (ou quase tudo) em grande angular, já que eu não faço tantas fotos assim, mas depois eu vim a perceber que meu desafio deveria ter sido outro: fotografar em situações de luz imperfeitas e fazer a foto ficar boa e interessante, e também trabalhar sob pressão fazendo várias fotos boas em pouco tempo. A maioria dos participantes do workshop trabalha com fotografia de casamento e família e já estão acostumados a fazer muitas fotos e entregar muitas fotos boas. Já eu trabalho mais fazendo algumas fotos similares para escolher apenas uma que tem a melhor pose, expressão, luz, composição… enfim… chega de desculpinhas. Abaixo estão minhas fotos (mesmo algumas que não faziam parte de algum desafio, só estava afim de fotografar).

And-get-me-waking-up-shaking-up-tangled-up It-is-absolutely-essential-that-I-come-back-to-myself

Come-bathe-in-the-sunshine-of-my-love Damaged Dourado-13 Jana-01 Jana-02 rafa-e-dani rafa-e-dani-02 rafa-e-dani-03 rafa-e-dani-04


Dourado-01 Dourado-02 Dourado-03 Dourado-04 Dourado-05 Dourado-06 Dourado-07 Dourado-08 Dourado-09


Pessoa fica tímida me encarando kkkkkkk Eu tou ligada que eu sou uma pessoa intimidante hahahahah

Caio-Braga-02 Caio-Braga-03 caio-e-serj Serj

Dourado-11 Dourado-14 Dourado-15 Dourado-16

And that’s the whole group that was taking part of the workshop. It was an amazing experience, one that got me wishing to participate on more! That was great to meet them! I miss those days already!


E esse era o grupo todo que estava fazendo parte do workshop. Foi uma experiência sensacional, que me deixou com vontade de participar de outros! Foi fantástico conhecê-los! Já sinto falta daqueles dias!


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16 Responses to Workshop: Photograph Who You Are

  1. johncoyote says:

    Thank you for the amazing photos. You took me to good place with the photos.

  2. AB says:

    Absolutely stunning, thank you so much for sharing these 🙂

  3. A do cachorrinho definitivamente ficou espetacular… ficaram show demais… gostei do resultado

  4. Maurício says:

    Cachorro, gato, cavalo … gente simples e espontânea então … Maravilha !

  5. Du Marafon says:

    Lindas fotos! Achei legal aqueles eucaliptos!

  6. strumsky says:

    Thank you for sharing photos how you’re growing and feeling challenged. Over years I see you broadening, deepening and putting that into your work. I understand so much challenge of taking many pictures vs. composing/creating “the best”… and working with light maybe not the best but you take a chance and then discovering “Wow, how’d I do that?” Lol. Love esp your personal sequence in beginning of these, from waking tangled to a realization you must come back to yourself, rising phoenix from ashes of distraction. Anyway, wonderful stories your photos always tell me. Golden moments. (But I still love, love, love reading your words!) We share much in common… even tho you are the only one sharing, until now! Lol

  7. Luis Marcelo says:

    Muito bom Anna, me fez pensar se existe luz imperfeita.

  8. mckora says:

    Wonderful array of photos. Each one is interesting on its own.

  9. Janacekian says:

    Wonderful photos and an interesting read, Anna!
    I particularly like the one with the cat. Oh, and the monochromes 😛

  10. Darren Alessi says:

    Wonderful set of photos Anna! I liked seeing some other aspects of your style!

  11. Rick Pineiro says:

    Love your blogs Anna, great info, the dog looking through the pillars and the horses where a couple of my faves. Yes, your selfies are gorgeous too.

  12. Hello Anna!
    Thank you for sharing your experience about this workshop: I liked all the pictures and the story, it should have beeny a really beautiful environment! 🙂
    I’d like to partecipate to a workshop with experienced photographers like you one day, and I hope to do it soon. 😉

    BR from Italy!

  13. Samuel F. Campbell says:

    The blue tractor and the dog in the pillars along with your self photos are just priceless photos. Love your Blog. It goes to show You got to keep on keeping on! Anna I just found out I might be getting my 32 G iPhone returned to me so I’m gonna be busy today Glad I stopped in to see your blog. The shower photo had me mixed up. I loved every bit of it and yet I kinda like the thought of the discreet nature of yourself as a quality artist. Which ever the case love all your work! Hope the work shop helps you advance as a skilled photographer as well as the endeared young talented woman you have managed to portrait in each of you works. ~ Samuel

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