Call of the Wild

The photos bellow are from a workshop I hosted in June. The day was overcast and it actually rained hard close to the end, but we had fun, they learned a lot and we got beautiful pictures 🙂 For these photos I wanted a model who mounts horses, so that she would have some intimacy with horses to know that it would kick or bite for no reason and wouldn’t be afraid of the horse. I found that perfect model in Eloine, who mounts and had the horses wrapped around her finger. Just perfect 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy.


As fotos abaixo são do workshop que eu dei em Junho. O dia estava nublado e choveu forte perto do fim, mas nós nos divertimos, eles aprenderam muito e nós conseguimos belas fotos 🙂 Para essas fotos eu queria uma modelos que montasse cavalos, porque eu precisava de uma pessoa que tivesse alguma intimidade com eles para saber que eles não iriam coicear nem morder à toa e que não tivesse medo dos cavalos. Encontrei a modelo perfeita em Eloine, que monta e manja, dominou completamente a situação. Espero que gostem.

Eloine-01 Eloine-01-bw Eloine-02-bw1 Eloine-02-bw2 Eloine-03 Eloine-04 Eloine-05 Eloine-06 Eloine-07 Eloine-08 Eloine-09

Model: Eloine Duarte

Styling: João França

Beauty: William Cruz

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3 Responses to Call of the Wild

  1. Janacekian says:

    Great series Anna, beautiful soft light under that cloudy sky, and I love that you posted two different b&w conversions of one image. 😀

  2. Janacekian says:

    But… they’re _both_ b&w 😉 (But the colours [blue and red pattern on white, judging by those selective colour conversions] of the clothes do look particularly strong, probably clashing with the mellow feel of the soft light & surroundings.)

    That’s certainly a familiar thought process, though. One sees very different things after converting photographs into monochrome, or perhaps into several different conversions, even when one might initially think that the colours _are_ the picture. In addition to rotating the image 90, 180, 270, & 360 degrees, and viewing the negative, b&w conversion is an essential part of the post processing to me – to look at the picture aided by these, I mean. The others are more rarely a part of the actual editing, of course 😉

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