Berlin, biking around the city, Day 1

The traveling saga started once again! This time I stayed a week in Berlin, then I went south of Germany for a few days, and then Romenia for a week. But it all starts with a few too many hours at the aiport in São Paulo, than a little stop at the airport in Madrid and then finally in Berlin, where I was most welcomed by my friend Kauana and her boyfriend Morritz.


A saga de viagens começou novamente! Desta vez eu fiquei uma semana em Berlim, daí fui para o sul da Alemanha por alguns dias e depois fiquei na Romenia por uma semana. Mas pra variar, tudo começa com algumas horas demais no aeroporto de São Paulo, daí uma parada no aeroporto de Madrid e finalmente em Berlim, onde fui muito bem recebida pela Kauana e seu namorado Morritz. 

brigaderia-aeroporto-de-são-paulo brigaderia-aeroporto-de-são-paulo-02



The Airport in Madrid is really cool


I was most impressed with her house. It’s gorgeous and so roomy!


Eu fiquei muito impressionada com a casa dela! Muito linda e espaçosa!

Kauana-01 Kauana-02 Kauana-03 Kauana-04 Kauana-05 Kauana-06 Kauana-07

They have quite and impressive sneakers collection!


Eles têm uma coleção de tênis impressionante!


Since I had arrived a bit late in the evening, it was only the next morning that we went out to see the city. Kauana took two days off to take me around the city on the week days. And the first day was a full day! We rode over 30km on bikes to see points of interest! And the day was so pleasant and the city is so civilized, it was a fantastic day!  Bicicles are actually the rulers of the streets here haha


Como eu havia chegado tarde nesse dia, foi só na manhã seguinte que nós saímos para ver a cidade. A Kauana tirou dois dias de folga para me levar pra passear pela cidade nos dias da semana. E o primeiro dia foi bem cheio! Andamos mais de 30km de bicicleta para ver pontos de interesse! E o dia estava tão agradável e a cidade é tão civilizada, foi um dia maravilhoso! E as bicicletas são soberanas nas ruas aqui haha

Berlin-Germany-01 Berlin-Germany-02

Treptower Park

Berlin-Germany-03-treptower-park Berlin-Germany-04-treptower-park

The best way to go around the city is by bike, trust me. The Bicycles are the queens of the streets there.


A melhor maneira de conhecer a cidade é de bicicleta, pode acreditar. As bicicletas são as rainhas das ruas lá.

Berlin-Germany-05-treptower-park Berlin-Germany-06-treptower-park Berlin-Germany-07-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético

Soviet War Memorial (The russians that occupied East Berlin built this memorial to honor the deaths of their soldiers during the Second War)


Memorial Soviético da Guerra (os russos que ocuparam a Berlim Oriental construiram esse memorial para honrar as mortes dos seus soldados durante a Segunda Guerra)

Berlin-Germany-08-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético Berlin-Germany-09-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético Berlin-Germany-10-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético Berlin-Germany-11-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético Berlin-Germany-12-russisches-denkmal-memorial-de-guerra-soviético Berlin-Germany-13-boat-house Berlin-Germany-14-kreuzberg

I was curious to know what the food there looked and tasted like…


Fiquei bem curiosa para saber qual era a cara e o gosto da comida nesse restaurante abaixo…

Berlin-Germany-15-kreuzberg-white-trash-fast-food Berlin-Germany-16

East Side Gallery, an open art gallery, where graffiti artists paint their work on the remaings of the Berlin Wall.


East Side Gallery, é uma galeria de arte ao céu aberto, onde artistas de graffiti pintam sua arte no que foi preservado do Muro de Berlim.

Berlin-Germany-17-east-side-gallery Berlin-Germany-18-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-19-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-20-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-21-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-22-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-23-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-24-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-25-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-26-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-27-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-28-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-29-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-30-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-31-eastside-gallery East-Side-Gallery-Berlin

Berlin-Germany-32-eastside-gallery Berlin-Germany-33 Berlin-Germany-34-indian-restaurant Berlin-Germany-35-indian-restaurant Berlin-Germany-36-indian-restaurant Berlin-Germany-37-indian-restaurant Berlin-Germany-38-berliner-dome-cathedral

Berliner Dom


Catedral de Berlim

Berlin-Germany-39-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-40-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-41berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-42-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-43-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-44-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-45-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-46-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-47-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-48-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-49-berliner-dome-cathedral

Berlin-Germany-50-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-51-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-52-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-53-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-54-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-55-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-56-berliner-dome-cathedral Berlin-Germany-57-berliner-dome-cathedral

Das Brandenburg Tor


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Berlin-Germany-59-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-60-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-61-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-62-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-63-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-64-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-65-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-66-jewish-memorial Berlin-Germany-67-jewish-memorial

We finished off the day at the Stagger Lee Pub, really cool place with original and exclusive drinks.

Berlin-Germany-68-stagger-lee Berlin-Germany-69-stagger-lee

Mine was the Scorpion’s Blood

Berlin-Germany-70-stagger-lee Berlin-Germany-71-stagger-lee

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16 Responses to Berlin, biking around the city, Day 1

  1. Great set of photos Anna

  2. Ken says:

    Fascinating tour of Berlin, AnnA—lots of things I’ve never seen or heard of before!

  3. sarathrap says:

    Nice pictures…it really shows city pleasantness… Thanks fr sharing….by the way u both frnds look more a like a twins :)….

  4. Janacekian says:

    Wonderful photos, from the airport, Treptower Park & memorials in particular, Anna!
    I don’t think I knew of the Soviet WM, but the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe must be something to visit.

  5. Tom says:

    fantastic coverage of old Berlin Anna!

  6. Seb says:

    Hi Anna,
    wonderful picture of my hometown Berlin !!! If you have the chance and time to visit Heidelberg, don’t forget to say “hi!” ;-).

    Kind regards, Sebastian

    • Hi Sebastian! I’m back home already! I had posted on flickr and facebook that I’d be going to Berlin on August, but it seems not many people were paying atention to that haha

      • Seb says:

        I am sorry, I missed your message on flickr. I left Facebook already a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed Berlin a lot! Next you should also create a post on your blog 😉

  7. Wolfgang N says:

    wonderful pictures ! Wow, you visited so much wonderful places in that short time, great ! Ah I will bring my bicyle to Berlin on my next visit. Driving by car and searching for parking places is a nightmare. Hope we meet us some day in Berlin or Munich !!!

  8. RejiK says:

    Classic photographs..Beautiful and so lovely..Enjoyed thoroughly.. great walk through..As ever delightful AnnA.. Your photographs are amazing..Ever so beautiful..

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