The Palaces in Potsdam

Saturday, my third day in Germany, Moritz (Kauana’s man) took us to Potsdam, one of the places I liked the most. It’s a place known for its historical legacy as the residence for the Prussian kings. It’s many gardens and palaces attract thousands of turists, specially on summer time. Since we wouldn’t have much time to see the inside of all the palaces, I only visited the New Chambers and the Neues Palais. Which were amazing! Also, not having seen all the palaces is always a good excuse to go back to Germany to see the rest of them!


Sábado, meu terceiro dia na Alemanha, Moritz (o namorado da Kauana) nos levou a Potsdam, um dos lugares que eu mais gostei. É um lugar conhecido pelo legado histórico como residência para os reis prussianos. Seus lindos parques e palácios atraem milhares de turistas, principalmente no verão. Já que nós não teriamos muito tempo para ver o interior de todos os palácios, eu apenas visitei o interior do New Chambers e do Neues Palais. Que são sensacionais! E também, não ter visto todos é sempre uma boa desculpa para voltar para a Alemanha para ver o interior dos outros palácios.

Potsdam-01 Potsdam-02 Potsdam-03 Potsdam-04 Potsdam-05 Potsdam-06 Potsdam-07 Potsdam-08 Potsdam-09

SansSouci Palace

Potsdam-10 Potsdam-11 Potsdam-12

The New Chambers were a guest house. If you pay close atention to the figures in some of the rooms, you’ll know the real purpose of this place. Naughty kinds… haha


O New Chambers eram um palácio para hospedes. Se vocês prestarem atenção nas figuras de alguns dos salões, vocês são saber o real propósito deste lugar. Reis safadinhos… haha

Potsdam-13 Potsdam-14

Potsdam-15 Potsdam-16-new-chambers Potsdam-17-new-chambers Potsdam-18-new-chambers

Potsdam-19-new-chambers Potsdam-20-new-chambers Potsdam-21-new-chambers Potsdam-22-new-chambers Potsdam-23-new-chambers


Chinese Tea House

Potsdam-25-chinese-tea-house Potsdam-26-chinese-tea-house Potsdam-27-Neues-Palais

New Palace (Neues Palais). The place is huge! It has over 200 rooms!


Novo Palácio. Esse lugar é imenso, com mais de 200 quartos!

Potsdam-28-Neues-Palais Potsdam-29-Neues-Palais Potsdam-30-Neues-Palais Potsdam-31-Neues-Palais Potsdam-32-Neues-Palais Potsdam-33-Neues-Palais

Potsdam-34-Neues-Palais Potsdam-35-Neues-Palais Potsdam-36-Neues-Palais Potsdam-37-Neues-Palais

It’s cool and all, but I can’t help to think that no wonder shit went down for monarchies. It’s easy to build such opulent palaces when you are exploiting the people, huh? I took pictures of every room, but I’ll spare you from that, it’s way too many pictures


Bom, é tudo bem bonito e legal e tal, mas não posso evitar pensar que não é à toa que deu merda para as monarquias. É muito fácil construir esses palácios opulentos quando você está explorando a população, huh? 

Potsdam-38-Neues-Palais Potsdam-39-Neues-Palais Potsdam-40-Neues-Palais Potsdam-41-Neues-Palais

Potsdam-42-Neues-Palais Potsdam-43-Neues-Palais Potsdam-44-Neues-Palais Potsdam-45-Neues-Palais Potsdam-46-Neues-Palais

Potsdam-47-Neues-Palais Potsdam-48

cervejas-alemãs cervejas-alemãs-01


Traditional german dish and dessert, absolutely delicious! 😀


Prato e sobremesa tradicionais da alemanha, absolutamente deliciosos! 😀


The dessert is called Kaiserschmarrn, it’s a vanilla and raisins dough with apple mouss and plum sauce.

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3 Responses to The Palaces in Potsdam

  1. Ken says:

    Wonderful photos of the interiors of those palaces, AnnA!

  2. Wolfgang N says:

    Hm, long time ago I visited the Palace of Potsdam and this year I only had the possibility to visit the windmill at one of the entry points….Your pictures are wonderful again and gives a great impression of this wonderful place. Had you time to visit Potsdam and his nice coffee bars and small boutiques ? Have a great time in Berlin !
    You didn’t upload so much pictures from your blog to Flickr ?

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