Nuremberg is a charming city. It’s old center is small and you can get around to see it in one day.


Nuremberg é uma cidade charmosa. O centro antigo é pequeno e dá para ver tudo em um dia.

Nuremberg-01 Nuremberg-02

That’s all chocolate from a lovely candy store. They had chocolate in all possible shapes there.


Isso é tudo chocolate, de uma loja de doces bem charmosinha. Eles tinham chocolate em todos os formatos possíveis lá.

Nuremberg-03 Nuremberg-04 Nuremberg-05 Nuremberg-06 Nuremberg-07 Nuremberg-08 Nuremberg-09 Nuremberg-10 Nuremberg-11 Nuremberg-12 Nuremberg-13 Nuremberg-14 Nuremberg-15 Nuremberg-16 Nuremberg-17 Nuremberg-18 Nuremberg-19 Nuremberg-20

Inside Dürer’s house there was an exhibition of art inspired by his art.


Dentro da casa de Dürer, que hoje é um museu, havia uma exposição de arte inspirada em sua arte.

Nuremberg-21 Nuremberg-22 Nuremberg-23 Nuremberg-24 Nuremberg-25 Nuremberg-26

Nuremberg-27-Dürer-haus Nuremberg-28-Dürer-haus Nuremberg-29 Nuremberg-30 Nuremberg-31 Nuremberg-32 Nuremberg-33 Nuremberg-34 Nuremberg-35 Nuremberg-36 Nuremberg-37 Nuremberg-38 Nuremberg-39

Nuremberg-40 Nuremberg-41

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3 Responses to Nuremberg

  1. Janacekian says:

    After you wrote Dürer’s house, all else seemed meaningless.. The photos from the square (or circle 😀 ) are wonderful, thanks to the exquisite clouds. 🙂

    I also like the reflections under the bridge in no. 10 🙂

  2. Sartenada says:

    Eu gosto as suas fotos.

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