Vama Veche

For my last weekend in Europe, Will and I took the road and went to Vama Veche. It’s a beach village in Constanţa County, Romania, on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Bulgaria. Later on friday night his friends Chris and Chloe (who are super cute, fun and intelligent) joined us at the flat we were staying and we had a real good time, even with the bad weather on saturday.


Para o meu último fim de semana na Europa, Will e eu pegamos a estrada e fomos para Vama Veche. É uma vila praiana no Condado de Constança, Romênia, na Costa do Mar Negro, perto da fronteira com a Bulgaria. Tarde à noite os amigos do Will, Chris And Chloe (que são lindos, engraçados e inteligentes) se juntaram a nós no apartamento que estávamos ficando e nos divertimos muito, mesmo com o tempo meio ruim no sábado.

Vama-Veche-01 Vama-Veche-02 Vama-Veche-03 Vama-Veche-04 Vama-Veche-05 Vama-Veche-06 Vama-Veche-07 Vama-Veche-08 Vama-Veche-09 Vama-Veche-10

Chloe Chloe-02

Seahorse-02-better Seahorse-03


Vama-Veche-11 Vama-Veche-12 Vama-Veche-13

Aren’t they just super adorable?


Eu quero alguém na minha vida que olhe assim pra mim tbm! kkkkkk Muito amor!


Vama-Veche-16 Vama-Veche-17

Baguncinha básica.

Vama-Veche-18 Vama-Veche-19

He’s so cool ^.^


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One Response to Vama Veche

  1. Sorin Petcu says:

    Enjoy first days of autumn in Vama Veche. July are good for concerts, but September is better for photography.

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