Editorial in Porto Rico, Paraná

Last week, the team and I traveled to Porto Rico, a small village by the River Paraná near the border with the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, to shoot some editorials for the Radar Magazine. The place is known for its beautiful fresh water beaches. As usual, it was lots of fun! I wish we were still there! 🙂 The photos from the editorial will be published in October, but I’ll share in this post some other pictures from that day.


Semana passada, a equipe e eu viajamos para Porto Rico, uma vila às margens do Rio Paraná perto da fronteira com o Mato Grosso do Sul, para fotografar alguns editoriais para a Revista Radar. O lugar é conhecido por suas belas praias de água doce. Como de costume, foi super divertido! Tanto que eu queria estar lá ainda! 🙂 As fotos do editorial serão publicadas em Outubro, mas eu vou compartilhar nesse post algumas outras fotos desse dia.

Vera Porto-Rico-02 André-02

Zé Graça mode on sempre…

André-03 André-04


But wait! This post deserves a soundtrack!! 😉

I can always find the time to lay out in the sand
Watching as the waves roll by it makes me understand
What it is to make a life that means a little more
Seems so easy to forget what we’re all looking for

I don’t know where I’m going just yet
Skipping work and I don’t need to excuse it
Long as that floating feeling I get in the moment
Makes it really worth it (makes it really worth it)

Hey, forget about your Monday morning
We are never gonna be that boring
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
So-so ordinary, same old story

Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o
No we don’t wanna go, no we don’t wanna go
Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o
Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o
No we don’t wanna go, no we don’t wanna go



William e André competindo para ver quem seduz mais para as fotos…



Foi um tal de ficar de agarração com o William nessa viagem… kkkkk


Andre-Zuan-Chenso-02 André-Zuando

Equipe-porto-rico Porto-Rico-03

Yes, we almost turned over the boat making these photos haha


Sim, nós quase viramos o barco fazendo graça pra foto haha


André André-01





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