Divine birthritght to shine

New-York-01 New-York-02 New-York-03 New-York-04 New-York-05 New-York-06

Campanha para o Estúdio New York Londrina
Hairstylists: Carlos Secati
Cintia Carneiro
Tyago Taborda

Makeup Artist: Carla Rezende
Carlos Secati

Costume Desing: Andressa Verona
Rafael Silva
Marcio Falcão

Models: Caroline Felcar
Carla Rezende
Douglas Ribas
Eduardo Schon
Mirianne Pretti
Natalia Miura
Renan Popowick

Photographer: Anna Theodora

Marketing Director: Atos Plens

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One Response to Divine birthritght to shine

  1. Maximo says:

    very nice shot. great portraits

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