Rio de Janeiro


Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-02 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-03 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-04 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-05 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-06 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-07 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-08 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-09 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-10 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-11 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-12 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-13 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-14 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-15 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-16 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-17 Rio-de-Janeiro---Lagoa-Rodrigo-de-Freitas-18


Arpoador-01 Arpoador-02 Arpoador-03 Arpoador-004

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8 Responses to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Laura says:

    I absolutely love Rio de Janeire and these pictures make me miss the city so much! Amazing photos.

  2. vaniabatista says:

    I love your pictures!!! Seriously amazing!

  3. Maravilhoso olhar o Rio em uma nova perspectiva… Fantástico….

  4. strumsky says:

    The poetic poignancy of these, the respect… it comes through to me. And yet you have a singular way of seeing. Thank you… Also thank you for the “captions” on your Flickr exhibit – you’re so becoming more wise, you make me smile inside. It’s that sense of balance – rather than our knowing – that is our saving grace, isn’t it? And it’s grace we need when our intentions can’t be pure, when we are so easily distracted… For me, the balance is learned with the “letting go” that happens in meditation. Nature gives me the strength somehow to resist all the shadow play. And the community sense that comes from reading/seeing your work, Anna, that gives me strength too. Your life is wonderful work.

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