a mournful regret for vanished illusions

Eyes that whistle the true waltz of the tars

Eyes that whistle the true waltz of the tars


Eyes like a supermassive black hole

fazendo-graça In-my-eyes,-a-waterfall,-all-I-can-hear,-a-siren-call

In my eyes, a waterfall… all I can hear, a siren call


it’s not these fading beauties, these damaged goods, born in a diseased worthless century that will satisfy a heart like mine


Je lui dédie ces fleurs maladives


My dreams, they come a kissin’ cause I can’t get sleep, no


But what can eternity of damnation matter to someone who has felt, if only for a second, the infinity of delight


Les fleurs nouvelles que je rêve

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10 Responses to Self-Portraits

  1. Preston says:

    I love these… You’re so beautiful, and so talented, Anna

  2. strumsky says:

    I’m in love with a poet of light, the shadows and colors of the heart
    you bring to life moods, fleeting eternities that usually exist only between moments of our chasing after joy

  3. Seb! says:

    Very lovely, as model as wonderful as photographer!

  4. johncoyote says:

    Every photo beautiful and perfect.

  5. Dave Green says:

    Great set, very varied. Especially impressed with handstand image!

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