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Arraial do Cabo

When I was on the boat ride in Angra, I helped a few people around with translations and got to be talking a little with two guys from Australia, Nick and Chris. We found out we’d be going to Arraial … Continue reading

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Angra dos Reis

Angra is a big slum. That’s an absurdly ugly city. It’s famous for it’s many islands that are owned by millionaires and they host certain “parties”. If you don’t have a friend who happens to own an island, don’t even … Continue reading

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Nel mezzo del bloody cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai in…

If I survive this trip, that’s what I’ll name the book for the photos after this journey. References that have a great deal to do with: “Divine Comedy” and “Under the Volcano”. So, friday early in the morning I got the … Continue reading

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